Space and time

It’s always difficult to fit in tasks every day, sometimes life can catch you by surprise. Which is exactly how I describe the last few months since my last blog post. It’s been a very difficult but also enjoyable time, I’ve been out a lot more than I had been about 6 months ago, which is always good progress. I recently came into some good chunks of money, also learnt to start saving which is difficult believe me. I’m thankful to still be alive actually, been in some sticky and horrid situations but managed to get myself out of them for now. About 7 months ago I rarely went out, other than to run errands, and anyone who has anxiety knows how rubbish it is staying in, especially when it’s nice. Then again, you want to be out with friends, but the fear of the outside and people in crowded places makes me feel like I want to hide behind a rock most of the time. Can anyone else relate to that? Let me know in the comments.

So right now, as I said, I recently came into some money that I won from football betting. I bought myself a new laptop so I can start blogging and vlogging again, which I’ve been dying to do for about 4 years. So I can finally do that now and I have a lot of ideas for blogs and my YouTube channel in the future. I’m also looking to collaborate with other bloggers too if anyone is interested. My current week plans aren’t anything too exciting, I’m hoping to get out a bit more, I want to go travelling towards October time which is a great opportunity to blog and photograph. Hoping to do a vlog this weekend on my YouTube account; alex11555 if you want to look! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my blog on here too. Leave something for me to read! I’ll be doing a blog again soon.




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