Good evening. So I’ve had my day out, went to the dentist which is actually always very pleasurable because the dentist I have is FIT, also her side kick is a definite 10 too. I had a few fillings, a clean and having my wisdom tooth out next week! I went into town today and it made me realise why I hate coming into town on my own especially, but just in general. People who walk really slow in front of you, are they going left or right or down the middle? Make your mind up! Not only do I not recognise any shops in Plymouth City Centre anymore but a lot has changed in town, businesses gone, too many poundlands and poundworlds (what’s the difference btw?!). Anyway, it seems Plymouth is losing it’s way outside of the Drake Circus Shopping Centre, not much choice, big name clothing retailers gone and moved elsewhere. It’s quite sad to see how downhill the shopping has gone in Plymouth, I hope they build more stores, name brands, not spar shops, poundlands and Tesco metros. I popped into Holland and Barratt today, picked up some herbal caffeine free tea to try and detox and quit coffee. Yep, you heard it, quitting coffee. It’s no longer good for me with anxiety and mental health. So I’m going onto a healthier lifestyle, that does mean not so much pizza and gallons of milk! Scary thought. I am also looking to sign up to a gym, if I can find a good deal that is. Otherwise it’s free running for me, I suppose I could bring my dog! I bought some health supplements today also, cod liver oils, multi-vitamins, you know the stuff. It’s an erratic change of style but I do want to get fitter, as I said earlier I’ve been getting a lot more tired, more headaches etc, not good. I will probably post a daily blog about how all the health and fitness is going. If any fitness freaks have any tips, recipes, advice, please leave me some info below.



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