Orange object in the sky.

Good morning from the South West coast of England. There seems to be a bright orange object that I’ve never seen in the sky for a long time. So I thought maybe I should go out for a couple of hours, via the dentist (Aghhhh). I need to get some bits and bobs for my new laptop, maybe a little treat for myself as well. I’m supposed to be on a diet, and I’ve been doing well with it, part of that diet is not drinking coffee, now for all those coffee lovers out there, you’ll know how good it is for turning grumpy faces into not so grumpy faces in the morning. So for two weeks I’ll stop to see the results, whilst cutting out other foods and drinks.  Hey, maybe it’ll help me! Also, I’ve been getting a lot of headaches again which is annoying because I’m having to buy ibuprofen more to cure it. I get headaches from things like stress, anxiety, poor sleep patterns. Maybe a healthier diet and lifestyle may decrease the headaches? If anyone has any tips please let me know via the comments. So that’s my day planned for today, I’ll be doing a couple more blogs today later this evening. Enjoy the day!

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