So recently I got thinking about relationships, now as a single man and have been for the last 9 years, I have started wondering if it will ever happen for me. For someone who’s anxiety is quite high, I still like being around women. Although the fear of rejection is something that really bothers me, as well as being nervous as anything. Anxiety sufferers will understand that it’s not easy to date someone who hasn’t got anxiety. The sweaty palms, being shy, thinking about what to say without making a fool out of yourself and eventually slurring out words. Where have I gone wrong? I would definitely say i’m not fussy, I don’t go for looks. I believe in a good personality and charm, humor and sophistication. Nothing worse sat across the table from someone who can’t manage a conversation, especially when they talk about their ex! So I’ve been on dating sites for a while now, mainly Plenty Of  Fish, but had no success really. Had conversations on there, really good ones, albeit some of the users being quite far away. I have always found it difficult to date in Plymouth, it’s actually quite strange how hard I’ve found it. I suppose there are bigger cities with more users, but Plymouth has a lot of people too. I can never seem to strike gold, I thought I had done in recent months but again, it fades away after a week. I’ve put myself out there in terms of wanting a serious relationship. My profile is always filled with information so women can see what I’m about and my interests. The way I see it, if someone has “Just ask” as the only info on their profile, they clearly aren’t looking for anything more than a chat. So I only tend to message people with more than two paragraphs and are looking for a serious relationship. I don’t understand why anyone would go on a DATING site for friends, non related activities to dating. It’s a shame how dating sites have become more like Facebook now. It’s all social, Plenty Of Fish may as well be called Plenty Of Pish because that’s what it is. Don’t even get me started on Tinder, does anyone actually ever reply on it? I seem to get a lot of matches but they never reply. It’s almost like everyone swipes countless times then never reply to messages. I think also Tinder users, not all, but a majority, use it for sexual activities. Which is actually really disturbing, I mean, do people have standards? Why lower yourself to just sleep with people you’re never going to see again? There are more things to life than sex, you can hardly find a relationship when you’re shagging someone in bed every weekend.  One thing that really drives me mad about dating is having your time wasted, like why would you start talking to someone who’s looking for a relationship if you aren’t even going to bother seeing them? I would prefer to have conversation with people who would be interested in meeting. I find that a majority of people younger than me (24) aren’t mature enough as well. Like they want to be raving it up in Ibiza getting drunk all the time. Definitely not the girl I’m after. I’m quite the outdoors type, living in a county that has so many beaches and woodland areas, you can’t knock it’s beauty. Do I have a type? I mean everyone has a crush on someone like a celebrity. Mine is Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, now it’s not just her looks that I like. She has a brilliant personality and an amazing sense of humor, in a strange way! Almost like me I suppose, that’s what I like about people, they aren’t afraid to be themselves. I hate people who pretend they’re someone else, fake people, just to feel part of society. What’s wrong with being yourself? I am always myself but it seems women don’t like that. You have to look like a body building Joey Essex to get a date these days. I’m still hoping there is someone nice out there for me, whether she looks like Perrie or not. I’ll be waiting.


Thanks for reading.




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