So today as I may have previously mentioned, I had a medical assessment with DWP for my mental health. The previous night I had zero sleep, also got caught up watching the lightning too. So my appointment being at 2 wasn’t too bad, that’s if I got some sleep, I didn’t and it was hell! First of all, I couldn’t find anything I needed to bring because I wasn’t with it, ended up forgetting it. I had to go into town to drop in some medical stuff and the roadworks in and out of Plympton are ridiculous at the moment, so of course the bus was late, I just managed to get home with about 5 minutes to spare before catching the bus going the other direction to the appointment. I planned to go home and quickly pick up some stuff but couldn’t get in because no one at home left a key for me to get in. So it was a pretty pointless bus journey, but I did make it to my appointment with 15 minutes to spare so I bought a drink from the shop to calm my nerves and dry mouth. I had spent all of the last two weeks researching this assessment and how it would go, worrying myself in the process. It was a difficult assessment due to the questions I had to answer, but the worst part of the assessment was actually waiting to go in because there were so many other people in the waiting room with me, panicking as much as I was. There was a guy walking around every 2 minutes which is annoying and doesn’t help me. There was a crying shaking lady who didn’t want to go into the assessment room, which started to make me think that they were going to take me into a dark room and do some SAW stuff to me against my will. The most annoying thing that happened was a lady sat to the right of me, as my full name was called out, this lady said “yes thats’s me” and I said “Urm i’m sure there’s not two of me in the same building” And she started to enter the room when it was my name being called out, not hers, so the security guard had to kind of take her away a little bit. So that put me off before any questions were asked, I was a nervous wreck and I was anticipating some awkward questions. They were simple questions, how my anxiety and depression affects me daily, on good days and bad days etc. After an hour my assessment was finished and I could breath a sigh of relief that the whole month of things I had planned, including this assessment, had all been done. I could go home and relax, try and sleep, calm my self down from all the stress that has been the last few weeks. I said two weeks ago, after my assessment, I would go away for a weekend to Europe as a breakaway and to release all of the stress. I haven’t planned where yet but it’s going to happen. I cannot wait to just really put my feet up and forget the last month hadn’t happened in terms of what I had to deal with. My advice for anyone who has to have a medical assessment in the future for mental health, don’t worry yourself too much. The higher your anxiety is, the better it’ll be, it’ll help you and the decision they make.




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