They live among us.

Good evening sports fans! I was watching a documentary today about space and it got me thinking about news I heard about from NASA about “Earth 2.0” that apparently has the same atmosphere as the current Earth. It makes me wonder if there’s life on it, like there is here. I mean, are there humans with four legs and four arms on Earth 2, thinking the same about things as we are here on Earth? Amazing thought isn’t it. I mean who knows what lives in other planets, everyone’s so bothered about finding life on Mars but I think the real deal is the new Earth they found. Who says that they already walk our planet and are examining us as we speak? You just don’t know. Maybe I’ve been watching too many documentaries and films and maybe people think i’m crazy, but just imagine for one minute that someone you work with, someone you live with, isn’t really human at all. If they’re good enough to have man made spaceships on planets, you wonder what else they could do. Cloning perhaps? I know there’s a lot of science geeks out there too, wondering the same things as me. Maybe the world is being ripped off by Apple because on Earth 2. they already have Iphone 20 and an Ipad that is just a glass slate. I mean, I doubt that’s possible, but anything can happen right? I think a lot of people would give a lot of time and money to visit other planets, if it ever becomes available, I know I would!

Another thought process I had about humans was how sometimes people act really weird for no reason, maybe they’re are just weird humans or whatever but I seem to find myself finding people who are strange and not in a good way. The kind of thoughts that have made me write this blog post this evening, has anyone else ever thought that too many people act weird too consistently? Let me know! Although this brain trash of a blog may be pointless to some. I’m sure some of you (Yes I’m watching you!) are thinking the same thing as me. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were all right? That aliens are disguising themselves as humans? Cool huh? I mean, I have always wondered, and I’m sure a few of you have as well, that I myself could be an alien. That’s another thing that makes me wonder, I mean, I do give off alien vibes, I am quite odd and I do love space way too much. Anyway, if there are aliens in this universe, I hope they don’t turn out to be like the creatures from the film “Alien” because we’d all be screwed.

Thanks for reading my pointless post!




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