I always find my inspiration and ideas late at night, my mind wanders as it is during the day with about a trillion thoughts but at night time it’s almost like my brain suddenly decides to be creative. I get a lot of inspiration for my blogs at night, even though I’ll read blogs during the day as well as evening. Does anyone feel the same? I mean, I prefer night over day by a country mile. The most beautiful things happen at night time, the peaceful calming sounds, the stars, the moon among other things. I love quietness, nothing beats sitting by a lake looking at the sky and just relaxing on your own. All you hear is perhaps a slight breeze in the air, maybe an owl and a few crickets but it’s all part of nature. I love being in the outdoors and living in Devon, you don’t really get much better than that. The countryside is my back garden and I love it, I hate living in the city where all you hear is loud traffic, people screaming and being drunk, police sirens etc. Hate it. Not only does it stress me out but also sends my anxiety sky high and I already have a million things that do that anyway!


I’m always looking for blog inspiration, and there are so many blogs that I read daily and it makes me think to myself “Well these blogs are actually a lot better than mine and are well constructed” which also makes me feel like I shouldn’t blog, but then again, I wouldn’t have anywhere to release my thoughts every day. Nothing worse than bottling up thoughts and emotions, I can’t exactly say them out loud, people will think I’m crazy! (I’ve got a medical certificate that confirms that) I don’t try and be generic with my posts, I speak what only my mind thinks. I can type about 1000 words consistently without stopping because my mind is a wonderful place full of thoughts. I’ve always been told I could write a big book, I mean I love writing, I love reading, so it makes sense that I should maybe write a book. I don’t think I have the intellectual qualities to write a book to be honest but maybe one day I will. I think for now blogs are the way forward, I mean the best thing about blogging is getting comments and credit from other bloggers about how much they enjoy my blogs. You can’t exactly do that by selling a book, not in the same way anyway. Tomorrow looks set to be a fun day, another busy weekend coming up. Next week is going to busy and horrific because I’m setting up meetings and having my wisdom tooth extracted (Ouchy). More blogs to come soon!





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