Ah Tinder, what are we going to do with you. So if anyone hasn’t heard of it, Tinder is a social dating app where you swipe left (for no) and swipe right (for yes) on a persons picture. Now Tinder has had some bad reviews and I’m about to give another one. As the interface of app is quite simple, and it’s free, to an extent. I like the way you kind of swipe on people, I’d hate to be wasting someones time if they didn’t like the look of me. Then again, it’s not all about looks. The thing that bothers me about Tinder is the amount of people that don’t speak once you match them, either that or they think it’s all a big joke and that they think there aren’t people looking to date. Well, there is! Actually a lot of people use Tinder because they want a serious relationship, some just want friends or just a date. The worst thing about it is that people use it as a chance to have sex, a lot, there’s nothing wrong with sex but there is a problem with how many people show off their private parts to the world so easy. I mean, where’s the self respect among people these days? Some of it is grim but I have spoke to some cool people from it. In terms of dating it hasn’t gone too well, I’m still hopeful (Now I am crazy) but there aren’t many other places for someone with high anxiety to meet new people other than the dating site Plenty Of Fish. I do prefer POF over Tinder, but on both I’ve never had any success.


Again, there are a lot of people on dating sites who show no self respect. POF is a free site, which is good, but again not many people reply. I always find with girls on dating sites that they never have “Looking for a relationship” anywhere on their profile, which makes me think that the person would be wasting my time. Some parts of the country that I’ve lived in have been more successful than other parts, Leeds West Yorkshire to name one. In Plymouth I’ve never really had many proper dates, now I did the science into why Plymouth has never been successful for me in terms of dating and the only thing I could think of is that Plymouth isn’t a big city like the likes of Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, London etc. So the chance of me finding someone would be greater in those cities, because obviously there are tons more people in those places. If I go into town, I see a lot of couples, young and old, all the time in fact. I think to myself “Where can I get myself one of those” Someone told me years ago to use POF, so I did. 6 years later, no success. I did meet the love of my life on the internet, used to be a social site called Netlog, corr that was years ago now. Anyway, I met someone on there who I was dating and I thought that I never needed to be on a dating site again, I was wrong. I messed up and found myself to be single for the rest of those years, still am. With about 4 dates in-between those years, I have lost confidence in myself and sites. I will still use it and put real effort in, but I get tired of making effort with people who don’t make effort back. Of course I have regrets from the past, I wish I had made a different decision when I dated a girl years back. Life never plans out the way you hoped or wanted it to be. It’s part of life and we’re all adults here (Well I’m a man child living in a shell of an alien) I hope within the next year I can find myself a nice girl who would understand me and actually want to be part of my life.




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