Recharging batteries.

Good evening. It’s been a good exciting day today! Really enjoyed myself. Now I have time to relax and have thoughts, as I said previously I wanted to get away after the stress that has been this month already. So I’ve been looking at where I could go and how much it would cost. I wouldn’t go away for long but I want to go somewhere I’ve never been to before, I’ve always admired the Scandinavian countries, they sum up everything I love about life; nature, scenery, rivers, funny accents! Some of the prices seem too good to turn down as well. I’ve always wanted to go to Norway and be a proper traveler, get a tent and sleep in the outdoors. It’ll be a great place to get away from everything, but there’s also places like Sweden, Denmark which I admire. So much choice which will make the decision more difficult, the only problem that bothers me is the hotel prices in Scandinavia and the language barrier.


I have been trying to learn some languages via apps on my phone in preparation for any adventures I may take in the future. I mean with today’s technology  I guess it’s pretty easy to translate stuff now, but no doubt I’ll say something a long the lines of “Where is the nearest bus station” in Swedish or something, and it actually means “I will dance for flamingos” We’ll see if that happens one day! I think I need a break away just on my own actually, me time, no one else, no stress or worries. I need to enjoy myself again being on my own, I used to go out so much on my own and loved it, whether it was days out or just small trips out. I’ve always wanted to do my own little euro-trip after hours of YouTube watching people travel the world and getting inspiration from it. I’m keen to know what it’s like in different countries every day, not every city has public transport or cars, so they rely on walking or biking. I want to live in the norm of those people and step away from the UK life a little bit.

Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be doing more research and decide where I want to go, of course I’ll let people know of my decision. Hopefully there are some people that may have been to the place I’ve chosen!




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