So much room for activities!

Good morning from the United Kingdom! It’s the start of the weekend for me, got to love Fridays. I have quite a lot planned this weekend for once, and next week too which isn’t the norm for me but recently it has been. It’s nice to get out and socialize and feel human, throwing more thoughts into that I’m an alien. So my day started off pretty well, I did wake up with a slight headache today but I managed to get through one of the books I got the other week (Schindler’s list if anyone’s interested) It’s a really enjoyable book, I mean of course it’s filled with sadness and war, and anyone that knows anything about Auschwitz will know how devastating it is. It’s an interesting era of war that I find really interesting, I’ve always been into WW2 history. I plan to go to Auschwitz one day too! I’m about a week into my no caffeine diet, I plan to stop drinking coffee completely if I can get through another week of not having it. Trying to learn not to drink it and it’s gone better than I have tried in the past (About an hour) Gold sticker for me so far!


I finally have some free time after a busy two weeks, so much room for activities! So I plan to use that time to unwind and catch up on reading, some art and some guitar playing this weekend. Next week I have my wisdom tooth out so I’ll be in a lot of pain I imagine so once the soreness has cleared up I plan to go away for a few days into Europe and really unwind. I think I deserve it after that medical assessment and how my anxiety levels were at it’s highest for a long time. I still worry about the result which is why I want to get away in the free time I have. Had some good news about a house too so that looks good, I could definitely do with having my own place, you need time to yourself sometimes.


So I’m out today, taking the dog out to the woods and the river for a treat, I learnt over the past few weeks that dogs really are your best friend. I have a super connection with my dog Tia, I almost think she knows what I’m thinking. Dogs are such good cuddle buddies too, whenever you feel like you need a hug they’re there to give you one. This is why I don’t understand why people choose cats over dogs, dogs are a mans best friend! Anyway, I’m going out for a meal later which i’m hugely looking forward too. Maybe even a few alcoholic beverages (Look at me being human!!) I’ll be posting a few blogs later this evening. Have a great day!




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