Trust is a small word with a huge meaning. I don’t understand people that easily trust someone, like with me, I’ve put trust in others in the past and they show me why I shouldn’t of in the first place. I’m very wary about who I choose to be friends with, I don’t even trust my bank! People can be horrible, in my experience, people can be c**** (We’ll say petals from now on but you get the jist!) I have learned a lot from being mistreated, and watching others from a far, especially peoples friendships and relationships. You do learn a lot by stepping back from reality and watching everyone else implode their life. The 100% main thing for me to have a relationship or friendship with someone is trust. It should be for everyone really, I mean, would you want a best friend who goes behind your back and tells people you’re something you’re not? Or steal from you? No one does. I’ve dealt with that experience and it’s not nice. I decided not to put too much effort into people unless they show me that they’ll make effort too. Even then I’m really cautious about who I talk too. I don’t put a lot of trust in any kind of people really, a couple but not a great deal, I think it’s easier that way for me personally.


I think some people are too “Nice” in a sense that they want something from you, or are just being nice because 10 minutes ago they told someone really horrid things about you, acting like they’re your friend but really they just talk about you behind your back. It’s not a nice feeling, trust me. I have chosen good people in my life, some bad, I think everyone is like that though. No one’s life is perfect, mine definitely isn’t and you have to move on with it because it’s part of life and most importantly, because it’s part of being an adult (it sucks let’s face it) I wake up sometimes and my first thought is “Ugh I don’t want to adult today” then I put my big boy pants on and go and do whatever it is I have to do! It’s a daily challenge believe me. My second thought when I wake up is “Ugh I’ve got to be around people today” and not because of high anxiety but because I just don’t like people. They can be annoying, rude, ignorant, too loud or too stuck up. I do see goodness in some people and I appreciate that, I like to surround myself with good vibes and people who aren’t trouble. Again, no one’s perfect, we all have our flaws but some are just too much to deal with and that I can’t take. Like you hold the door for someone in town and you expect a thank you, but no, the face of death is what you get. Wish I slammed the door in those peoples faces now! Manners cost nothing, I use them, so why shouldn’t others? I’ll leave you with a word that people need to re-learn at school, I don’t care if you have to go back to primary school and learn it but learn RESPECT.




6 thoughts on “Trust.

  1. I am with you 100% respect is severely lacking in today’s society. Personally i have bought my kids up with respect for others, even my two year old twins thank the bus driver as we get off, it doesn’t cost a thing and everyone should be more aware and teach the next generation.

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