And breathe..

Hi all! My sincere apologies for lack of blogs. I have been ridiculously busy but it’s all been worthwhile! I’m extremely tired but I have good news; I have a house again! I’ll be living in a shared, spacious house with 5 rooms, the room mates I’ve met seem nice enough, always good. The garden is huge which is always handy, the ceiling is high up as are the archways of the doors (Tall people problems, ouch!) the best thing about it is that it’s bang central of where I live now, and the city center. It costs a fortune getting buses in and out of Plympton to town every day but now it’ll just be a 5 minute walk! Hoorah!! This will be something I’ve been looking to do for a while now, to help with my recovery with mental health etc. No more stress, get to meet new people, being independent again. Fun times ahead!

Other than that I’ve just had appointments and sorting out contract issues with the housing agents. I had a dental appointment today thinking I would have my wisdom tooth out, turns out I was wrong and will have to wait til the 1st of October to have it done, in which I’ll be sedated for, with the effects lasting over the period of 2 days. Will be the longest sleep I’ve had for a while so I’m looking forward to that. The pain of it will be extreme so if you don’t hear from me I’ll be in a sort of induced coma. It will get rid of the trouble that my wisdom tooth has been giving me in recent months so looking forward to that! It has been an extremely busy month for me, surprisingly. A lot more plans are still yet to be done for the rest of month, plus moving my stuff into my new house, shopping and everything else I need to get for my new room. I haven’t felt like an adult in a long time and this last month I really have felt it, a long with beating a few anxiety issues along the way (yay!) I will update you more as time moves on.




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