Dating Online.

In a previous post I wrote about my experience with dating sites. Today I’m going to give you the pros and cons of dating online and how to use it safely. As an experienced online dating site user, I know a thing or two about how to go about using it and how to stay safe on it. People have a right to be cautious about dating online, there’s a lot of things people need to be careful about. I’m going to give you a list of things to look out for when looking at dating profiles on sites such as POF.

• Profiles with one picture. Never think that the person is legit.

• Profiles with no pictures and aren’t willing to send you any.

• Profiles with pictures of celebrities (Obvious one)

• Watch out for profiles with pictures of cars in case they turn into a Transformer.

• Spam profiles are getting more clever, don’t click on links or numbers they send.

• People will lie about their age so be careful.




Now for the ladies that use dating sites, it is a very dangerous place for females if you aren’t careful. You never know who is behind the profile talking to you, it could be an old man pretending to be a 21 year old, or even a teenager pretending to be an older man. I’ve personally never had that issue being a guy but there have been cases where I’ve found that the girl was a fake profile, even when turning up for the date. Dating sites like POF and Tinder have become more of a social app rather than dating, it’s more like Facebook these days. A lot of younger people are creating profiles, you have to be legally 18 to sign up to dating sites, teenagers younger than 18 will create fake D.O.B.S to use it. If you’re ever wondering if the person looks younger than they say, always ask them. Some are upfront about it, some aren’t. The other thing about dating sites that women need to be careful about is the odd balls and sex pests. Hands up, how many of you ladies have come across a guy with a fetish for feet or anything else? Let me know in the comments. It’s a common thing among men. Each to their own but some can be really creepy about it. Offering large sums of money to do weird things for them, meeting for paid sex etc. Prostitution is illegal in the UK and a lot of prostitutes now use dating sites to do their work as the police have taken a stand by taking them off the streets.


How to prepare for your date with a online dater:

• Make sure you both feel comfortable about meeting, make sure you’ve spoken enough.

• Always meet in an open well-lit area, such as a bar, a pub, coffee house.

• Never swap mobile numbers unless you’re totally sure you want too.

• Always make sure that you’ve added each other on something you can verify the person on, such as Facebook, Snapchat etc. If they aren’t showing their face I personally wouldn’t go through with the date.

• For a first date, if you’re meeting in a bar, don’t drink too much if you’re a lightweight girls. Never make yourself vulnerable!

• If you’re going to the bathroom, don’t leave any personal belongings unless you want someone to steal from you. Not all dates will steal but it has happened to me before so take anything like wallets, phones, money etc with you.

There are pros of dating sites, there are some good genuine people on it. I’ve made some good friends from it, had a couple of dates here and there. If you really want to be successful in finding someone who’s as serious as you are in looking for a relationship, here’s some tips that have helped me get messages and interest from women.

• Choosing your pictures, make sure your photos are of you smiling, having fun, well-lit and not naked, or showing your bits and bobs (that goes for both genders).

• Username, now I bet you’re wondering why that’s important? Women don’t want to talk to a man who’s username is “Footfetishboi1” or “bigd***lad29”.  

• Make your profile information interesting and lengthy. No one wants to message you if you have “Just ask” or “Likes Nando’s, chilling, Snapchat, Sex”.

Describe yourself first.

Talk about what you want from the dating site secondly.

Talk about your hobbies and interests.

Finish off with something that would make you stand out so someone would want to message you.

Leave a social media link like an Instagram, Facebook to show that you’re real.

• Don’t put anything to do with sex, no one wants someone who sells them-self like a common street walker. Not attractive.

• Don’t put any phone numbers on your info, you will come off as someone who’s only looking for one thing, or to just talk to 100’s of people at the same time. You don’t want to come off as a player to someone.


I hope this helps someone in the future on dating sites, thanks for reading!





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