Lots of plans for the rest of this week! I move into my new property this Friday and I need to sort things out for it. Lots to pack and equally a lot to buy, moving homes is always a pain especially when you have a lot of stuff. I mean I’ve moved homes plenty of times in the past so this time isn’t too bad as I’ll still be in the same city. Probably the first time I ever moved house to Leeds, that was hell. I had a huge suitcase full of stuff including a TV (It was a huge suitcase!) The wheels broke off that as I touched down in Leeds Train Station. Great! Luckily I had the money to get taxis but after 6 months I had to move across to the other side of Leeds with almost the same stuff I bought, very hilly which was painful on my back. This time I have help with moving, plus I only really have clothes really. Some boxes, oh and a guitar! No TV or electronics other than my laptop which is lightweight anyway.

Currently making lists of what I need to do and what to get for Friday. Progress update: Sat eating egg custard tarts.. I should probably get a move on considering I move in just under two days time! Am I looking forward to moving? Yes and no, I think there’s always that time where you need to settle in. One thing I am looking forward to doing is online food shopping, I live close to the City but not in reach for any big supermarkets. Which is fine, there is a Tesco Metro opposite my street but that’ll only be good for lunch, bread, egg & milk etc. Home delivery is the way forward! I’m looking forward to the events I’ll be hosting in the near future in my new place. Not having to worry about getting a taxi home to Plympton costing a fortune! I can just walk 5 minutes from the City  Center to get home now, woohoo! Anyway, I’ll update more as soon as I can. I best get off to doing some organizing.




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