Why blog?

There are many things people enjoy as a hobby that help them pass time, relax and mentally cleanse their mind. I have a few things like that, one is music, whether it’s listening to it or making it. It’s really soothing and I can relate to a lot of lyrics in songs as well, which I’m sure people can agree. So why blog? Blogging is a great way to release thoughts you have, you can unwind and express yourself. I’ve met some great people via the internet, via blogging too among other social apps like Twitter, Facebook. Instagram and so on. You can use blogging to talk about anything you like, maybe you have a few books you want to give a short review on, or a film perhaps. It’s a great way to tell other people that may want to watch the films you have watched, or a book that you’ve read. I read a lot of books, although I haven’t done any reviews on them yet, it may be something I plan on doing in the future.

Famous bloggers, there are a few who have made blogging into their career and now are globally recognized for it. One example, Zoella, a beauty and style blogger from London who made it to fame via Vlogging (YouTube blogging) providing women with make up, hair and style tips. Now owns a whole range of products in shops across the world, just in the space of a couple of years. Obviously I won’t be providing anyone with beauty, hair or style tips but you get the point. It’s easy to become famous these days, not a bad thing, but it is easy. It depends what you want to sell to your subscribers, for women obviously hair and beauty is a common thing to blog about. There is such a range of things people can blog about, in general, I like to post about basic life in general but in the future I want to travel blog once I’ve come up with a strategy. I also want to buy one of those fancy cameras and photograph the world for a living. Giving reviews of places I’ve been, where the best places to eat in that city or town, how to get around via transport etc, you get the point!


A lot of people use blogging because not everyone has someone to talk too, and find blogging to the world via the internet gives them slight satisfaction. Which is cool, I feel like that sometimes too so I feel those that do also. It’s a fun way to be creative and give people advice as well. People find it easier to type rather than write, my hand writing looks like a 5 year old drawing on the walls with crayons. Best to avoid that! There are tons of blogging sites that are free where you can create almost a website for your blogs, you can customize the look of the page, add pictures, videos, links to your social media account so people can read your stuff. Give it a try today!




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