Missing – Part 1

Yorkshire, in the north of England, a county grazed in countryside, rivers, ancient towns and hillsides. To a lot of people, it’s “God’s county”, “The Capital Of The North”. Not everything is peachy though. In recent months there have been disturbances, a lot of strange things happening in some towns. Although some people believe something has been happening over the last 6 months in the hills. That’s just a theory of course. I personally think the people that have claimed things have been strange recently, are crazy. Maybe they’re losing their mind, or maybe I’m the crazy one? Nah. It’s a Sunday afternoon, I was planning to go out today but the weather has almost immediately changed within the last hour, we’ve had thunder, hail, now torrential rain. I need to go to the shop to pay for the meter but knowing me, I’ll get struck by lightening. It’s only 11 AM and it feels way later than it is. I have been awake since 5 AM this morning though, I just woke up with the strangest feeling. I had a strange dream that I was being chased by someone through my neighborhood, but when I tripped and fell over, I looked back and no one was there. That’s when I woke up in a sweat. I have been having similar dreams over the past few days. Maybe I need to go to bed early!

After spending the day doing lounging around waiting for the weather to change it’s tune, I finally managed to get to the shop to get the meter done and buy ingredients for dinner and lunch tomorrow for work. Having been off work since Friday, I’m looking forward to going back to work. Although it is just an office job, spending time on your own can get a little too much before you drive yourself crazy. Being around others makes me feel more sane, saying that, even my work colleagues have been a bit strange recently. I suppose seeming it’s December,  everyone has a cold or a flu. I don’t blame them, I hate winter too.

After a good nights sleep, finally back in work. Although no one’s really here, which is strange seeming it’s 10 AM now. Maybe they’re running late, or called in sick. It means I’ll probably have to stay a little longer, all their work is piling up on my desk. There’s only me and two others, one being my boss Richard. A nice chap, can be a little strict, I think he’s going through a divorce at the moment with his Wife so I don’t tend to bother him that much. The other guy that’s here is Aaron, a really nice guy, a little quiet but even today he’s really quiet. I try to get on with my work and not bother other people unless I’m on lunch. After finishing off most of the work on the desk, not all of it though, it’s finally time to go home. I can finish the rest of the paperwork off tomorrow morning. As I leave the 7 storey high building, I see Aaron walking down the stairs quite rapidly, I shout “Aaron, wait up!” as I try to catch him up. His speed picking up quicker, but I drop my phone on the stair well so I stop to pick it up and see the Aaron had left the building and got into his car and drove off. It left me wondering what was up with him, normally he’ll wait for me as we like to have a chat after work. Today is just getting stranger and stranger. As I approached the bus station in Wakefield, just around the corner from my work, I noticed that there weren’t as many buses as normal. Then again, it’s 5 PM and the traffic rush must be really bad coming into Wakefield. I stood waiting for about 35 minute for the 77A which takes me into Leeds City Centre, normally they come every 15 minutes but today had to wait a little longer. When I finally get on the bus I realize that it’s not as busy as it normally is, especially seeming it was late. I sat at the back, with my headphones in, counting down the minutes until I got home. Today was just going so bad that I just wanted to get into bed and go to sleep, have an early night for a change. As the bus approached Leeds City Bus Station, I felt the need to get some food as I didn’t want to cook tonight. Most of the shops were shut for some reason, so I opted to walk down the road to the local takeaway instead. I chose to walk the long way home, through town and up towards Woodhouse. My house in Headingley is about 12 minute walk from Woodhouse. As I finally arrive home, and ate the food I bought in the takeaway, I made a quick coffee and made my way to bed. Today was exhausting and I just wanted to sleep.

I slept for about 3 hours, I looked at the clock on my bedside table and the time was 8 PM, still early. Then suddenly I hear someone knocking on my door, very loudly, three times. As I rushed downstairs I grabbed my gown on the way to open the door. It was a policeman, “Sorry to disturb you sir but we’ve had a number of calls to this area claiming there has been a strange man walking around looking through peoples windows.” And I replied “I haven’t seen anyone today, I’ve been asleep in bed so I would of missed anything anyway”. The policeman apologized and went back to his car and drove off. After today, that wasn’t the strangest thing that happened. It did make me a little cautious about this man that was looking through peoples windows, what if this man came back? Was he a burglar? As I shut the front door, I realized I needed to put the bins out for tomorrow. Tuesday’s are bin days, Wednesday is recycling day. So I put both out in case I couldn’t put the recycling bin out for Wednesday. Maybe the strange man people have been seeing might steal my bins, that would be a disaster, with a sarcastic grin on my face. There are a lot of strange people in this area, for example, Mr Edwards at No82, takes peoples milk bottles in the morning, then puts them back a couple of hours after. Also Mrs Redmond is a strange lady, she’s always peering out of her window every 5 seconds, she’ll come out of her house and shout at people for no reason at all. Actually I haven’t seen or heard her for a few days now. As I went back up stairs after putting the bins out and locking the door, I went to try get back to sleep hoping that there would be no disturbances, I received a phone call from my boss at work. He called to tell me not to come into work for the rest of the week, he didn’t say why, and I replied “When do I come in then?” My boss replied with “Come in next Monday, good luck” then hung up. What a strange phone call that was, I mean, how many companies will ring you to tell you not to come in for a week without explaining why? And then to say “Good luck” what’s that supposed to mean? Am I going to suffer not being at work? I’ll probably get bored I must admit but still. After today’s events, I’m starting to think why certain people have been saying weird things are happening now, I concur.. To be continued


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