Missing – Part 3

As I woke up the following day, I checked the time on my phone and it appeared I had quite a lie in. The time read 13.43, I must of been exhausted from the travelling down. I got up, had a shower, got changed and knocked on Rebecca’s door to see if she was in. It appeared she was out, I called her mobile to see where she was. Again, no answer. I didn’t think much of it, I figured she was out shopping and left her phone in her car. I have a habit of doing that too. I put on the TV, made myself a coffee and lounged about waiting to see if Rebecca came home, I started wondering where she had got too. It had been 3 hours since I tried to call her, maybe I should ring her again; but didn’t want to come off as a pest. After I finished my coffee I decided to have a fag, and I was looking at the park where I saw the figure on the swing last night, it was swinging again but it looked quite windy outside. I heard footsteps, and a key rustling in the door. It was Rebecca, panic over. “Where have you been?” I asked. She replied with “I’m so sorry I had to go to the Police station”.  “I hope everything’s okay?” I replied. “I received a call from my friend Jodie’s  Mother saying that Jodie had been missing for a day and hadn’t heard from her. So I rushed out as soon as I got the call”. Rebecca looked like she had seen a ghost, so I made her a cup of coffee and sat her down so she could calm down as she looked a little shaken up still. I asked her if the Police had any idea of where she may have gone, she said “Nothing at all, she was at home on her own yesterday morning, she didn’t turn up for work or leave any messages.”

Rebecca is clearly distraught with what happened to her friend’s disappearance. So I said “Why don’t you lie down for a bit? It might make you feel a little better.” So she walked into her room, got into bed and went to sleep. I decided to go for a walk, I borrowed Rebecca’s keys so I could get back in. I walked past the park where the swing was, sat on it for about half an hour wondering what had happened to her friend.  Things were getting stranger every day now, but not this strange. As I left the park I saw that there was a phone on the floor, nearer to the bench inside the park. I went to pick it up and it looked completely broken but the screen was still kind of working. It had a funny sort of screen, the kind when you don’t get signal on an analogue TV, the grey fuzzy static. I thought that the rain might have got into the phone and damaged it. I decided to take it and bring it back to the flat to try and fix it, to see what was on it. Not in a nosy way, but so I could potentially return it to the person who owns it. I had a little black box of tools for things like tablets and phones in my bag that I brought from Leeds with me. I took it out, opened up the phone to see if there was any damage internally, no damage as far as I could see. It definitely needed a new screen, luckily I keep spare. I replaced the battery with the one from my phone as it was an Android, the same as mine. It turned on, looked like I had fixed it. I looked through the settings and contacts to see if the owner had put them-self in the contacts, but there wasn’t anything, no messages, no social media apps or logins, nothing. Almost like the phone had never been used. As I was looking for evidence for any contact details the light was shining at a certain angle on the the broken screen I took off. It looked like it had something written on it.

I used an ultraviolet torch that I had on my key ring to see if I could uncover what was written on the screen, it looked like it was drawn on with a light felt tip. I couldn’t read it properly as a part of the screen was cut off from the rest, the only words I could see were “Don’t go there..” I couldn’t understand what it meant. As I sat there wondering what it meant, Rebecca had woken up came and sat down with me. I didn’t want to mention what I found in the park, especially what the message was, I just made up that I was fixing an old phone because I was bored. She signed and made a cup of coffee. I asked how she was feeling, she felt better but still worried about what happened to her friend. I couldn’t blame her, I would be worried too. As the hours past by, I asked Rebecca if she wanted to go for a walk to clear her mind, perhaps even an alcoholic drink. She agreed, so we went out for a long walk and came across a small pub about 20 minutes away from the flat. We sat down and had a couple of drinks, decided to call it a night and went home. As we were walking past a field that separates the area where the pub was, and the flats we were heading too. There was a strange looking light flickering in the distance, it was white but it was clear enough to see even if it did look quite far away. So we decided to go check it out, it could of been something like a house-fire started by an electrical fault.As we got closer and closer to the flickering light, we started to lose track of where it was, we were positive we were walking in the right direction. Nothing to be seen at all, maybe we had drunk too much. We headed back to the flat and just sat in front of the TV, until Rebecca turned it off, turned around and asked me “Alex, Can I ask you something?” “Sure, go ahead, what’s up?” I replied. “Do you believe in..urm.. like paranormal?” “To an extent, I do believe there is a heaven and a hell, I believe that there is life after death, where if we had negative thoughts before we passed we would come back as a poltergeist, and if we had happy thoughts before we passed we would only come back to check on the ones we love. Why do you ask?”. She had a confused look on her face. “You know you were telling me about the person on the swing in the park? Did you ever think it could of been a paranormal activity?”. She asked. “I suppose it was strange and now I think back on it, there is a slight possibility it could of been something along those lines. It wasn’t the first occurrence that has happened.”  I replied anxiously.

We sat on the sofa thinking about the events that had happened recently, and if there was any link that matched them all up. We couldn’t think of anything so we decided to go to sleep. “Goodnight” we said. I spent about an hour after Rebecca had gone to bed, I decided to use Google to find out more about anything to do with Paranormal in this area that has cropped up before in the past. I didn’t find anything other than a blog from 5 years ago, a man had written about his experience with the paranormal and how there was a family of souls living in his home. He claimed that the family that was living as a paranormal presence in his home were related to his wife that passed away in October, 2010. He said he never slept because he felt the souls were inside him, controlling his every move. After reading through the blog, I looked up his name to see if he was still around. “Rodger Arnold” I put it into Google and the first result came up from the Salford News page. It read “A 65 year old man was found dead at his home in Salford, Manchester. The name of the man was confirmed as a Mr Rodger Arnold. It appeared the man had hung himself from a tree in his back garden.” It sounded like a horrific death, the poor guy. It made me wonder if the ghosts he claimed were living in his home had anything to do with it.” I had seen documentaries about poltergeists and how they can enter the human body and almost control them. I didn’t like the sound of it but I was intrigued to find out what actually happened and if I could link it to anything that had happened recently. Maybe the homeless person I saw in town was actually a spirit but couldn’t appear for long, maybe that was why I looked back after seconds of seeing him, and he had disappeared. Also the person I saw on the swing in the park, could he have been a spirit? I was creeping myself out to the point of having the hairs on the back of my neck sticking up. I think, not just because it was creepy, but also because it was making a little bit of sense.

After what Rebecca had asked me, maybe she was thinking the same thing too. I didn’t want to wake her to tell her that so I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up, had a shower, made a coffee and sat down with my laptop looking up more paranormal links in Manchester. When Rebecca woke up, I showed her and told her what I had read up on last night. She started to wonder if something happened to her friend Jodie, like it did with Mr Arnold. Apart from we don’t know if Jodie is still alive or not. That remains to be seen.. To be continued.


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