– I’m Sorry!

Evening all! I am sorry that I haven’t posted of late. I have been busy being a puppet to the adult world. This last month has been constant plans and haven’t really had time to blog. As I recently said, I had moved home in Plymouth, I’m all settled in other than a few homely touches. I have had a lot of people staying over too from Couch Surfing.com too, they were great experiences as well. I had a chap called Gillies stay over from Le France’ for one night, I picked him up from the Brittany Ferry port in Plymouth, we shared a lot of travel stories, conversations about his experiences in France and other countries. I bought him some small gifts as a thank you for staying, his company was very nice and he was such a friendly guy! I even got up at 5am to walk him down the next morning to board his coach, in which he gave me some French delicatessens that he brought over from Roscoff. It was a nice touch! I was definitely very cautious about opening up my home to random back packers but after experiencing it, I had completely changed my view on it and I would recommend it especially if you have a spare couch or bed. Also if you like meeting new people and hearing different travel stories then CS is the place for you! Other than that I have been busy with friends, moving things into my new home. I recently got a leather couch moved into my room which is good because it’s so comfy and provides a living room experience in my room. I have been getting back into my art again and have done a couple of things on sketch paper, nothing special, I just wanted to test out the quality of the paint and paper. It’ll be something I get into more as the weeks go by, as well as getting back on track with my blogging. So apologies for this being the first post in like a week! I will be posting the next part of my story too in the next coming days. Hope you’re all well, enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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