– Germs!

It’s the 11th of October today and I already have caught the common cold. Now an average person would have the sniffles, a sore throat for maybe a day or two. Me? Nope. It continues and gets a lot worse. I remember when I went out on the town for New Years, I had a cold at the time but after I got home I woke up in a sweat, I couldn’t see, hear, my throat was almost like a razor blade. I actually got admitted into hospital for a week because I was coughing my guts up (Literally with blood) so that was a nasty experience. Normally if I get a cold I really have to get everything from the pharmacy and kill the bug before it kills me. It’s annoying because I want to be able to go out and socialize but I just want to sleep and get over this bug. As my life is quite busy at the moment, and the fact it’s getting really cold now in England, it’s probably not going to go away. I’ve bought an Olbas oil nasal stick, which is really good, almost like the normal stuff that you put on clothes but you stick this one in your nose and breath in each nostril. I always carry one because it really does get rid of sniffles etc. I have a bit of a free day today so I’ll be using it to make myself better in hope I can get rid of this cold, it’s almost like fighting a bloody war.

Hope your day is going well!



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