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The thing I most look for in a person, whether it’s a friend or in a relationship kind of sense, is a personality. I like to thing I have a charismatic personality. I tend to think funny is all I have, whether it’s making jokes because I feel I’m in an awkward situation which would make me feel more less awkward.  I try to make people laugh, whether they’re feeling down, as I’m a good judge of character and body language. I can see when someone is feeling sad or angry, so my first thought is to try to cheer them up, whether it’s successful I have no idea. I find the best personalities are the people you see for a few minutes then probably never see them again, for instance when I’m on the bus or coach, I always like to meet new people and talk to them about anything. Some of the best people I’ve ever met have been on transport, even the drivers themselves. Think about it, bus drivers have really long shifts, sometimes without even having passengers on board, so they must feel a bit lonely at times. So when a passenger comes on board I imagine it’s a god send for them because they now have someone to talk too. That person tends to be me, I remember when I used to grab the coach from places like Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, London all the way down to Plymouth. Now those are really long journeys, most people at night don’t tend to go all the way to Plymouth so normally it ends up being me on my own with the driver, so we have conversations about literally anything. Those few hours I have are normally one the best times I have ever had as a human, I’ve met some really interesting people along the way on coach and bus journeys, even train. I’m completely thankful for moments like that. It’s the little things in life you have to be thankful for, for some people, talking to someone for 5 minutes because you feel lonely on transport is the best present for some people, I know exactly how it feels as I suffer with depression and there’s no worse feeling than feeling alone.


Personalities in relationships – To me it’s the main ingredient in finding someone nice, along with trust. Would you want to be around someone who has less personality than a boiled potato? I know I wouldn’t. There has to be flowing conversation for me to be interested in someone, no one likes awkward silences. Which is what I found recently on a date with someone, the first date went from laughs to complete silence. That’s where I start judging myself with things like “Is it me?” “Am I boring?” etc. You start doubting yourself, and with that comes less confidence, a downfall. I tried getting myself back into the dating scene but it hasn’t gone very well at all. Maybe I’m not ready, or maybe the other person isn’t right for me. I’ve been out of the dating game for over 7 years now, in terms of having an actual relationship. Of course there have been dates in-between that, but not many. I have always found it different (In a bad way) dating in Plymouth, I just figured it was down to the population compared to other cities. I see so many couples walking around and I think to myself, “When can I have one of those?” So I made a change, and it backfired. After recent events I feel like my confidence is on a real low, I have doubted myself since, sleepless nights, headaches. The dating game is a strange and long one, after being part of it for years I have had no success. It means in those years gone by, I have always wondered what it is about myself that would put off girls, I mean people say looks don’t matter but clearly they do judging by the amount of first dates I’ve had that have never gone onto a second date. I try to be me and I wouldn’t change myself for anyone, I guess I will have to work a lot harder to find that right person.


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5 thoughts on “– Personality

  1. Have you ever thought that the other person just doesn’t want a relationship? That maybe the other person just doesn’t like you, that maybe the other person also suffers from similar mental health issues? That sometimes people aren’t looking for a relationship and go on a date to see if they are ready and realize that they aren’t? Also in my experience relationships are formed from friendships of six months plus.


    • Well considering the girl told me she was looking for a relationship and it was from a dating site, and we had already been on a good date, just found it a bit strange. She made me feel like she didn’t want to be there with me, bit of a change for someone that liked me the week before.


    • No she actually said she was looking for a relationship. I never said I wanted a relationship to happen after two dates though? That’s absurd. I wouldn’t even want a relationship to form even 6 months into dating someone. But for people that claim they want one and then say they don’t, it’s a bit confusing for someone who’s put in the effort for a relationship for over 7 years.


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