– Frankfurt!

After weeks of deciding and getting past all of the plans and appointments I’ve had this month, including hosting parties, meetings etc, I finally bought a holiday! I am off to Frankfurt on Monday for one whole week, another German city to tick off the list, BUT I managed to get one heck of a deal! I also get to visit the city of Cologne, Mainz, Heidelburg and get to visit Wurzburg too. I suppose you could call it back packing, but why kill two birds with one stone when you can kill multiple birds.. Anywho, I have been waiting so long to get away. Again my life seems to hold me back a lot, too many things to sort out and I didn’t expect to be moving and living in the new house I moved into. Everything happened pretty quickly, in a good way, which means I had to delay things. I now have the free time and booked it the day after my surgery. I cannot stress how much I needed this, for those who know, I suffer with mental health problems. I suffer with high anxiety and depression and the last year has been extremely difficult for me, I have tried to balance friendships with life and the mental health side for a long time. At one point I almost gave my life up, I felt myself moving backwards, I genuinely considered over dosing to a point of tears. I couldn’t pick myself up to move on, I knew I had to be strong for me. At this point, I wanted to get away for a little while, but I couldn’t. It killed me inside that I couldn’t even go away for a day, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I wanted to end things so I didn’t have to go through the pain again. After weeks of waiting I finally got news that I could move house, a big step towards my recovery, although it hasn’t turned out the best so far. It does mean I have my own personal space which I need in my recovery.

I had a long of meetings, along with my medical assessment that I was dreading for months on end. After that happened I was wanting to go away, but again, I couldn’t. I hate to wait. I eventually got the answer I was hoping for. All is good, but then I get a phone call saying I’m having a surgery to have my wisdom tooth out otherwise I would have to wait another 6 months. So I had that recently done, after having my face cut off and having my nerve sliced through, about 40 stitches later I had it out. It’s extremely painful and I’m on so many pain reliefs I don’t know what day it is! I can finally get away, I have packed, I have my passport, air in my lungs, money in my pocket. I can’t wait to flick the switch off in my brain for a week and just relax. Again I get to go to the lovely country of Germany in hope of finding new experiences, meeting new people and enjoying myself. I will be taking my bridge camera with me, I can’t wait to show you my adventures! Danke 🙂








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