“The Girl On The Train” – Heidelberg edition.

Good evening from the lovely but yet cold, Heidelberg. As I sit inside the main station waiting for my coach to Frankfurt, I want to tell you a little story of what happened this evening. Now as most people know, The Girl On The Train is a known film that the Americans made, my story is better because I wrote it. (Fuck you America) As I arrived in Heidelberg this evening, after snapping some pictures, having a nice meal and had a hot drink to warm the cockles. I came across (I wish) a lovely tall German girl, about 6ft2 in height, blonde hair, very pretty. She smiled at me quite widely, I smiled back, the train moved along the line and I was never to see the Fraulein again.. UNTIL NEXT TIME! Which was about an hour after. I sit inside the main train station with a coffee, listening to my music and suddenly I see a tall blonde girl walk through the main entrance. To my surprise, it was her, strangely enough. Was it a coincidence or a dream? I pinched myself first, then didn’t know what to do other than open my mouth and drool. It wasn’t a dream..


She saw me sat down, walked into the coffee shop opposite me and then sat down outside the coffee shop. I had her in my view, literally  2 meters away. I didn’t know what to do, I think the hot chocolate with alcohol in it had something to do with what I did next. I figured there was a chance she would talk to me, if she remembered my face at all. The thing I was most worried about was the language barrier, I know a little German, common phrases etc but conversation could be difficult. Turns out she spoke almost perfect English. So I started talking to her about where she was from, what she did for work, you know, the standard small talk. I mentioned that I was leaving Germany tomorrow, so I went in for the plunge, defeating all anxiety that has held me back in England. I think it’s easier to let go and not worry so much, because if you ask someone for something in English, most wouldn’t understand what you were saying, which is good for me. So we talked for about half hour and I asked if I could buy her a drink, she accepted. My mind had fireworks setting off, I feel like I achieved something. More proud that I could speak a little German, the fact I asked a girl out in a different country, a very pretty girl as well. It may sound a little cheesy but it’s a good feeling. Especially when anxiety holds me back (Although I think the alco- hot chocolate helped a little) After exchanging conversation back and fourth, I learned a lot about her, she the same with me. Normally us men would go in and ask for the girl’s number, but because mine British and hers German, it would be pretty pointless. I gave her my email in hope that we can talk again, she will always be known as “The girl on the train”. I felt I needed to do a mini fist pump in the middle of the train station but I will save it for the coach. I now wait for my coach to Frankfurt right now, gorping at my phone and laptop email box hoping that Emili will email me. What a great day this has been, considering I missed the first coach to Heidelberg and almost didn’t book another. I’m glad I did now, but also because Heidelberg is a beautiful place too. I don’t think I have ever been as happy as I have been the last week in Germany. I needed a break so much and I’m glad there were no barriers stopping me or anyone holding me back. Whatever happens in the future, I’ll be extremely grateful for the chance to tour Germany on my own. In the next couple of years I hope to leave the UK, to move somewhere in Germany. I feel that the Brexit will have a big impact on me personally, and it’s a shame our country is being driven into the ground. It seems my luck happens when I’m not at home, which is strange really. I don’t believe in “Good things come to those who wait” I believe in “Go out and do something to change”. Maybe one day I can move here, and study a new language and have a literal new life. For now, I must leave here but not forever, I definitely plan to come back to Heidelberg, let alone anywhere else.

Sorry for boring you, but thank you for those who read!




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