– People problems.

I’m a people person. In a sense I am a person and that counts as people. In other senses, I am not a people person. I try to avoid them 90% of the time, whether it’s human interaction in super markets, shops, public transport. Unless they offer me alcohol or cigarettes or coffee, which makes me hate humans less. The thing that really annoys me is when you’re trying to get someone to answer you, or they’re trying to figure something out and you already got there but you’re waiting for them to get there. If I’m in a shop buying lunch, and I have to wait so long for service or to collect my change I will literally leave my items on the floor and leave. I understand that some people are smarter than others, the world would be a boring place otherwise if we were all smart. It really does make me sad when I come across a really stupid person, it makes me laugh. I’m no Einstein but I have common sense, manners (when applicable). I seem to come across idiots in the sense that they make things worse for themselves. Evidently I have made stupid decisions myself, no one is perfect. Not even the most famous, richest, smartest people in the world are perfect, everyone has made mistakes we all regret. I try not dwell on the past though, although if I had a time machine it would be put to good use. I would also use it to stop the sex of the people who gave birth to the stupid people I come across  now.




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