-Why I don’t like Christmas.

Bah…. nah.

I’m sure there are millions who feel the same. I think the novelty wears off when you get older. The surprise factor disappears, your family go separate ways. The presents get smaller, they slowly disappear. The family time gets shorter, you get older, wiser. I think the only memories of Christmas were bad, but my most favorite I think is having Mother & Father around in the same room, of course I was much younger but you remember. I miss my Dad, I feel like Christmas would be better with him around but I also want that “Mother & son time” which I can do but it never feels like it, probably because of my mistakes in the past.


I feel the media makes Christmas sound like something it’s not, I mean I think it over hypes itself on it’s own but we all know that the media over hypes everything. You give the media a turkey salad, they will make it sound like you need it to survive. Being a kid, Christmas time was the best time of year, definitely. The joy of spending time with family, wondering when Santa would turn up and his reindeers, the presents, the food, the games.

But what about now? I can’t say there is one thing I enjoy about it compared to when I was young, like I say, the novelty wears off. Not everyone gets to spend it with their family, or all of it for whatever reason. Of course, the food is always good but it almost feels like it’s just another day. There’s nothing “Christmassy” about it anymore.. In the last 5 years, inflation has risen to it’s highest point, 2016 being the highest point. Not a lot of people can afford to buy presents because things are a lot more expensive, especially in ‘Britain’. People can barely afford their bills, to feed their family, let alone buy someone an Xbox one. Inflation is getting higher and one day no one will be able to afford anything for Christmas because house prices have also risen, people will struggle to keep their house, which is a shame because if anything, Christmas is about unity, seeing someone on their own for Christmas, regardless who they are, is very upsetting. No one should really spend it on their own but they do. To those people, including myself, my door is open for you this Christmas.

Having the experience of spending Christmas on my own, it doesn’t bother me too much actually. I get myself out if it happens, go to a different city. Hey, even get drunk!  I plan to do something about it this time too, because I know I’ll be here on my own again. Maybe I’ll visit a European city, drink, eat good food and be merry. Whatever it is you do, don’t let feeling alone stop you from doing anything.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers! Hope you have a good time spent with family, friends, hey even a random stranger, whether you’re on a coach travelling to see your family, or you’re travelling to and from work. Strangers feel alone too.






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