-The year ahead..

It’s that time of year when people start saying the dreaded “New Year, new me” bullshit. F off for once. We all know deep down how next year will pan out, it’ll be a year of bad choices, poor political choices, bad judgements, probably more famous people dying. But hey, it’ll be a new you next year (!) Nah, seriously though, what are we expecting? Good question. I’m not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I believe in making your own luck, nothing happens out of pure coincidence or luck, of course that’s just my opinion. What do I want from 2017? I want the world to be a less violent place, less idiots, of course that’s just my dream world but it’s OK to have dreams, right? Every year is a lesson, the university of life without the tuition fees. As the years pass by, I wonder what I have learned. I have learnt a LOT from 2016 alone, I had to depend on myself again, which is not a problem. I like the feeling of depending on myself, although I’m not the most depending person, I always drop or lose things. We all have flaws though, right? It doesn’t make me a bad person, nor does it make you, the reader of this post, a bad person either.

What other things have opened my eyes this year? Well I travelled a lot more than I ever thought I would, that really did open my eyes and mind. You’ll be surprised at what you learn from being in different countries. Everyone is just so much more relaxed about things, it made me realise that I worry too much about things. Of course the political side of the UK is doing a Titanic right now, but it doesn’t mean we can sit here and do nothing about it. That’s why I took the time out of my life to visit other countries and take in a different culture, a way of life. I’d like to spend more time doing that more, I’d actually like to try it without having a phone on, no internet, no communication. Just to see what people would do or say, not that I care what people think but it would be an interesting experiment. Also it would be good for me, and healthy. Of course I’d probably take my camera, but that’s for memories. I don’t expect anything from anyone, of course if people are nice to me I’ll treat them the same but so many people get on my nerves and I want them to twizzle on a blender. It’s difficult to ignore annoying people, I hate compact, busy places. I went to London recently, and although I didn’t sleep, chose to go there. I did go there for two reasons. The first being that I hadn’t really explored London enough, I always pass through it or in parts but not enough to say “Oh yes I know where that is, been there twice”. So I took myself on a 4am coach to do so, I know what you’re thinking.. What crazy person gets up that early to go to London? This is a true point, but I am crazy so I guess it fits. I don’t like the traditional London tourist attractions, it’s so expensive and un-interesting for me. I hate common things, oh yes let’s go on the London Eye, because no one’s ever done that have they? I like the real beauty spots, London Bridge, Chelsea boatyard, Hyde Park. The real, true, British part of London that people tend to forget. Of course tourists from different countries don’t know about this, but I’m surprised it isn’t advertised. I’d rather have a nice prawn sandwich and a cuppa coffee in Hyde Park thant pay an arm and a leg to look at wax people, or climb the Shard. Not only is it a rip off, but not that good. I paid a combined fee of 12 Euros (about 11 quid nowadays) to visit the TV Tower in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and also the Main Tower in Frankfurt WHICH has an indoor and outdoor viewing spots. Well worth the money, you don’t get ripped off, better views. But of course, London is just about money now. I can’t wait to hear someone say “I’m coming to the UK from Peru to visit York” REAL Britain, Devon, Bristol, Yorkshire, Manchester you name it. There’s so much wasted history in England which no one seems to care about, but Kudos to those who do as well! That’s why Britain was “Great” built on pure heritage. People have almost forgotten it now, which is sad because there is so much beauty and history to see and learn. Of course I’m proud to be “British” but I’d like to proud of visiting other places too.

What advice can I give to people about the year ahead? Follow your instincts. Try not to let people get in the way of things you want. Don’t rely on people too much, you will be disappointed. Go explore more, never been abroad? Try it and you will not regret it. Don’t dwell too much on the past, it’ll only create more stepping stones. People weren’t put on the planet to destroy you, but they also weren’t put on the planet to help you either. You will find great people all across the world, they won’t care about your feelings, they will give you their honest opinion and that’s EXACTLY what you want. No lies or fake opinions. Next year, you and I will discover a sea of opportunities. Take every step gently, don’t rush things and you will find the real truth, you’ll meet awesome people who will make you wonder why you bothered connecting with people back home who you would call your friends. It’s all part of the long journey you will take as a person, mentally and physically.

The question is, are you ready to climb and change your life?





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