– Recap

Hello there internet, it is me. Like The Terminator said, “I’ll be back” and here I am, don’t all cheer at once. Apologies for lack of writing, I may have lost my way a little and forgot about this blog site. How rude of me huh? Damn me to hell. Nothing too much to inform, lack of sleep has increased to a new record, now been diagnosed with insomnia, but I knew I had it anyway. I have now got medication to prove the loonity, hoorah! Hope you’ve all been well and still hope to see you follow my posts. Albeit a strange time to start blogging again, I found myself not being able to sleep again.. Shocker. Normally I can’t sleep because something is bothering me, when isn’t something bothering us eh? I got thinking and that’s where I lost the battle to my mind, but not the war. So here I find myself talking to probably myself, and the internet if anyone’s watching. Who gets that niggling feeling in the back or their mind reminding them that they messed up a long time ago and how things have changed now you made that mistake?  All the time. I know you shouldn’t dwell on the past, but sometimes it just happens and you can’t stop it. You can’t sleep it off, you can’t run it off, or drink it off. A particular memory comes into mind almost every day, of how I let a lovely lady slip out of my life at quite a young age in my late teens (I’ve since changed to the age 25 since my last post, god make it stop!) I can’t help but think if I did something to stop it happening, my life would be great and a lot different than it is now. Of course, that’s standard but again, I wish I had done something. She is now out enjoying her life with someone else a million miles away and I’m sat here talking to myself on the keyboard, wonderful.

I’ve recently been trying to find new hobbies, new passions for things. One of them being photography. I have always loved photography, I love seeing beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the colours, the textures of things, it truly amazes me how the world can look a certain way. I want to capture that, so I went and bought a very good 20 Megapixel Professional camera and I take it everywhere I go now. It’s my companion in life, I believe the best photo opportunities come when you aren’t prepared. But fuck you life, I am prepared. To see what photos I produce, take a look below!

You can also take a look at my Instagram account for daily photos that I take, search and click on @alexanderr__11 give us a follow and enjoy the photos!

That’s all kids, until later. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more!




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