– Are you scared of aging?


Hello again, world.

After watching a film this evening, it inspired me for another blog idea and quite an interesting question. Are you scared of getting old? My personal opinion is that I don’t tend to worry too much about the future, I take every day as it comes and if a problem comes every day, I find a way to deal with it. That’s pretty much how I’ve taken life so far, but of course, not everyone deals with things the same way as I would do myself. The way I see it, you could be the world’s healthiest person, you keep fit, you eat well and you could still have a heart attack. Of course there are people who weigh about 30 stone and eat their way to a heart attack, but if that’s what they want, so be it. It’s not for me personally, I’ll eat my fair share of food, I keep fairly healthy and fit. I don’t think there is a perfect diet or regime, it doesn’t exist. Again, that is my opinion and it will differ to others and I respect that. As I write this blog aged 25, I do wonder about the future, not very much but I do wonder. Will I have children? Couldn’t say. Will I have a good pension? Couldn’t say. Will I have travelled the world by the time I’m 60? Ask me if I get there.




Life isn’t perfect, nor are people including myself. We all have doubts, we all have flaws. If I reach the age of 80, I will hold my hand up and say I lived my life the best way I could, of course with regrets but who doesn’t have regrets? In 60 years time I could have the same life I had at my current age. Of course then I will be a bit disappointed but maybe that’s how my life is supposed to plan out. Life doesn’t always work out the way you want or expect to happen. I have goals and aims, I want to complete the 92 football league grounds, I think I’m about half way now if not a little over. For every football fan, that is an achievement to be proud of. To others it will sound silly, but it’s what I want and I plan to accomplish that. If I complete that, have a working life until I’m 50 or 60, have a kid or two, marry a nice lass then I will be a happy man. Doesn’t sound very ambitious perhaps to some, but again it’s what I would like and I’d be damn happy with that before I die. If it’s my time, it’s my time. I’ve passed so many goals within the last 25 years, I’m surprised to have made it this far in all honesty. I appreciate every moment I get, I may not be productive in a lot of moments that I do get, but I make them count. That’s how I see life in general, and this is my little quote for anyone reading; Appreciate every moment you get, because one day you might not get the chance too.

If you’re reading this blog, tell me what your top 3 goals in life are and what you plan to do to achieve them.

Again, thanks for reading. I would love it if you shared them, I enjoy reading people’s opinions of what I write.











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