Good evening everyone. 

Today I’d like to talk to you about settings and achieving goals. We all have them, including myself. It’s always good to have some ambition, even a little bit is fine. Different people have different dreams, ambitions and goals. Every day is a challenge, for me it is definitely. I have a long term goal of becoming a professional photographer, to travel the world and get paid for it. I recently spoke about one of my other goals, completing the 92 football league grounds in the UK. Again, it’s a goal but everyone’s goal. I am aiming to achieve that within the next two years if I can, it’s ever so sweet when you reach a goal, not only do you feel better for it but you also prove to yourself that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. There are people around the world who are disabled and have climbed the highest mountains, reached the highest peaks of the world and I admire that because it proves that nothing can stop them from achieving something, even if society says you can’t. I love that!

A few years ago I was probably in a different lifestyle, I used to go out on weekends drinking a lot. Hey, it was fun, I’m not denying that but it slowly started to bother me. Not only was it ruining my insides but also financially it drowned me, I needed to stop and change my lifestyle for the better. Nowadays, I’ll have a couple of drinks every other week for the enjoyment whilst I watch a film at home or I’ll be at the football. It’s OK to do it now and again, but I definitely feel better for the change I made. You might lose some people on the way, but if there is something you really want to change you should totally go ahead with it. From a mental health side it’s also good, I always felt alcohol stopped me from feeling so anxious when I went out, socialising with people is extremely hard for me regardless of gender. Anxiety is a horrible thing and it can really get on top of you, so drinking on the weekend kind of removed that feeling briefly but I still felt worse doing so.

Having goals is healthy, it’s the start of a new you. I may have ended up in a state in terms of other things, I’m just glad I wasn’t conflicting mental health and alcohol otherwise I would be in a lot worse state of mind. For that I’m thankful to myself for changing when I did, like I say, you will lose people on the way. It is amazing to see people doing the same thing years ago, still doing it now. Knowing you changed for the better is another extremely good feeling. What I want you to do today is set a small goal every day, it can be a walk to the park, to watch a game of sport or cook a nice healthy meal, whatever you choose, let me know if you did and if you felt better for it.

Thanks for reading today!


















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