Hello again, another post this evening. Aren’t you lucky?

We all have love for certain things, people, music, food etc. My biggest love for many reasons, is and always will be football.  From a young age, football was on my brain, whether it was World Cup or Premier League etc. I wanted to go outside and kick a football, on my own or with friends. Football is not just a sport, it’s much more than that. For a lot of people, football is a religion. Over the years I have looked to football to help my mind, nothing beats celebrating your team scoring a goal. My team is Plymouth Argyle, a team currently sitting 2nd in England’s League 2 division, that can all change in the coming weeks and I cannot wait to be celebrating promotion. People say football is just a bunch of overpaid men kicking a bag of air around a bit of grass, of course people will say that. We can also say the same about rugby, although I do like rugby, football has always been the one for me. Again, it’s not about the sport, it’s about your friends, meeting strangers and becoming friends, getting pissed in pubs, away days. As much as I like home games, you cannot, absolutely cannot beat an away day. The early rise of the morning, knowing it’s football day is one of the best feelings you can get as a football fan. Getting to see your mates, travelling up and down the country following and singing your team’s name.


Of course it’s bittersweet when your team come away with a win, it makes the journey home more fun. It’s the match day atmosphere that I love, having a team that takes a great following wherever we go just makes it better. Although football has changed over the years with safe seating stadiums, it doesn’t change the fans attitude to games. I still love the old terraced stadium, mind. I love the original stadiums you get in England such as Luton, Accrington, Crawley and so on. Although there are stadiums that are seated but still have that retro away end look, so many good away days in England. I’ve met some great people whilst following Argyle, most of them have become my friends. Seeing the same old faces at games really does put you in a good mood.  As Bill Shankly once said…



…And he couldn’t be more right. Football is nothing without fans, a lot of clubs know that. Unfortunately in some leagues, you do have to pay a premium which can be quite ridiculous. I’ll still follow my own team whatever the price though, that’s how much it means. Regardless if we get thumped by a few goals, it’s about having the respect for your team. After a few years of sadness surrounding my club, we’re on our way back. Hopefully in the mix of League 1 next season, which will only mean good times ahead for the club financially and for us fans. As a football fan, you see it all, every day is different, every game, every season, every away trip with the boys. It’s all part of the parcel and I wouldn’t change it for the fucking world.


Green Army!


My biggest love.

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