Appreciating Life

A Short and late night post, but hello!

Life is strange, it can be wonderful one minute, then your whole world comes down the next. It’s all about balance, my life has never been and never will be perfect but I take it as it comes and I try to enjoy most of it. After a mental breakdown I started appreciating more things in life, even someone saying you look nice, or they say hello to you. As we all see, life change at any time and not always good. I’ve definitely been close to that myself more than a few times and feel better for it because it woke me up, I cannot stress enough that people should enjoy the little things in life, because one day you won’t be able too. You can’t really predict what happens to someone, it just isn’t possible. There are still times that I feel I don’t want to be part of the world anymore, I can be pretty damn miserable sometimes, depends on moods and depression. I try to keep a smile on my face and try to keep myself happy by enjoying things I like to do, one of them, writing blogs!

I’m very much a ambitious person, I like to get out and about just for the sake of it. I appreciate the littlest of things during the day, the way the sunsets are, the food I prepare, the people I have in my life etc. I know you get these people that are too overly happy, I love them personally and wish I was over confident and happy as they are because let’s face it, life can really hit you in the face and nobody’s happy when that happens. You do see a lot of miserable people all the time, perhaps even the same person all the time and you want to tell them to cheer up but you don’t know what those people are going through. Perhaps if you ever see those unhappy people again, make their day. The littlest things can instantly change people’s moods. I often use the train and especially early morning trains where people are tired and grumpy because they’ve just woke up, but the ticket man on the train itself is always jolly to everyone because he knows it will improve their day. Nothing beats a “Good morning!” in a jolly tone, it makes my morning a little better. I wish everyone could do it more, maybe we wouldn’t see so many grumpy people. I just want to thank the people who do make people’s day every day by saying or doing the littlest things to improve that person’s day.


Keep smiling.



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