Testicular Cancer

Good Evening internet.


Today I’d like to talk about Cancer, not a word everyone likes to hear. Cancer is one of the world’s biggest killers, it has taken away millions of people and continues to do so. People speak about celebrities having been taken by Cancer and I think it’s unfair to put them in a higher capacity just because they’re celebrities. Every human life is worth the same as any other person, regardless of what they have done in life, someone is important to someone all around the world. In particular I’d like to talk about Testicular Cancer, being a chap myself, it’s always worth getting checked out now and again. I tend to get checked once a month with a Doctor, whether it’s a local Doctor or Nurse, I’ll get checked nevertheless. In the last 5 years, I have had a few scares. Two or so years ago I found one testical to feel quite odd compared to the other, so I went to a Doctor to get a checkup, with an all manner of things running through my mind I received good news. I had something called a Cyst, a cyst is a fluid-filled sac which grows at the top end of the testicle. It is benign (ie not caused by cancer). Some men get only one; others get several on both testicles. Rarely, they can be associated with illnesses that cause cysts in other parts of the body. Unfortunately the process was extremely painful, having a needle threaded through to let the fluid out. It was not nice, but I was glad to have seen a Doctor about it.

Making people aware is always important and necessary. It is OK to feel paranoid about it, that’s why we get things like these checked out now and again, as it is a very common type of Cancer amongst men. I urge chaps to get a checkup even if they feel a slight change in size of either testical, any sharp but short pains in the testicular region, a shortness of breath or any symptoms provided on the NHS website.. Here’s the link  – Do not hold back if you feel a peculiar change in your testicles. I understand it can be difficult to get appointments in your local Doctors, perhaps a friend or a family member could help but I would recommend a professional as first choice.


I myself will be going for a checkup on the 13th of April because again, I have found peculiar differences in my testicular region. I have also experienced in the last 3 weeks at least 6 sharp but 2 second streaks of pain in that region, again it could be because I have recently had a change of medication. I can’t make a judgement because I’m not a Doctor or Nurse, so I will be having that check up as a concern, if anyone reads this and is wondering about the same pains they have in their own testicles, I urge you to make an appointment with your Doctor as well. Every human gets worried when the word Cancer is thrown around, not everyone will have cancer. It is possible to get it at any time, regardless of how healthy you eat or keep yourself. I have known people as fit as a fiddle to get Cancer, it can happen to anyone at any time regardless of gender or health status.



1 in 8 is quite a substantial figure. Don’t let yourself be a statistic, unfortunately some people will be but a lot of those people have beaten it because they checked themselves regularly. Always be aware. There is plenty of support for people who want to know more about it, there is a lot of support for people who are unfortunately going through it themselves. To find more information about Prostate Cancer here’s another link to Prostate Cancer UK where you can find more information about it, symptoms, the research being made and more facts about Prostate Cancer and how to make yourself more aware.

As for my own appointment for a testicular checkup, I’m not going to worry myself by thinking the worst. I have had two scares myself and it has prompt me to be more aware about it as it is extremely common amongst men. I would really appreciate if people could share this blog as far as they can, even if it’s on Facebook or any other social media platform. The more people are aware, the better. I imagine there are a lot of chaps who are unaware.

Again, would really appreciate the share.. I will report back to this post on the 13th of April of what my news is.




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