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For those who understand travel, there is always an urge that one will get when wanting to travel again, a lot of people call it the “travel bug”. Late last year I went on a little travelling myself, crossing various countries and cities in the process. It opened my eyes up in terms of seeing other people from different countries, live. It was an exciting trip! I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, which was by coach. I’ll give a little review of the coach company that I used, later on. There are people who will criticize others for wanting to travel, because it’s “stupid” and “a waste of money” those people tend to be ones who will never venture out of their comfort zone for whatever reason. A lot of people have barely left their own town or city, if that’s what they want then I respect that. I have been well travelled since being a kid so I was always on the move, I’ve now lived in different places but not really settled anywhere, although Aylesbury is my hometown, I consider Plymouth ‘Home’. I feel part of it, the city, the people etc, I have most of my friends and experiences here.

I’ve always believed in travel, to see new things, to meet new people, to take a different perspective on life. There are people who are small minded, they think that going abroad is boring and you won’t find a better life out there. Millions of Brits have moved over to Europe, Asia, America, South America and so on and have found a new lease of life in these places. Good on them! I don’t feel like I belong anywhere, but I know where home is if I need it. I learnt a lot of things from other people who I’ve met on the road and have inspired me to motivate my own life and change it. You’ll be surprised how you feel when you arrive in a different culture, it makes you feel guilty in some ways because there are people around the world who aren’t as lucky to have the technology we have nowadays. It makes me feel lucky that I have such things as heating, internet, a bed to sleep, a phone, a laptop, a camera etc, there are people who struggle for heat and a bed every night so I take those things for granted.


Everyone has a favorite place, whether it’s where you live, maybe somewhere you visited as a kid or even a holiday destination. My “go-to” place is Germany, having been interested in Germany since I was at school, studying history and learning about the Wars in which Germany had fought in, how much was destroyed and how it had to rebuild. Much like other countries, I find it interesting how other countries have rebuilt themselves. I’m a massive fan of architecture and will travel anywhere to see some great structures, I found a lot of great works of art and structures in Germany when I have visited. It’s one of the things that always bring me back there, along with all the beer and bratwurst of course! It’s lovely place, a different culture which is still enjoyed by millions of other people from all over the world. I like the uniqueness of the country, whether it’s architecture, food, culture or sport, and the people individually. I always feel safe there and enjoy myself a lot, having gained a lot of German friends, it just makes me more excited every time I visit.

It has been a few months since I have travelled, far too long in my own mind although I am truly grateful for the times I have been able too. Which is why I get the “itch” to do it all over again, but perhaps longer this time. I learnt that you don’t need money to enjoy yourself, with the experience I have of being in other countries, enjoying things that are free, it just makes me want to do it again. It is not always cheap to travel, but if you are smart enough to understand that booking a flight or coach a week in advance is extremely costly then you should have no problem in making a trip of a lifetime, which brings me to how I managed it…





When I use companies to book my tickets to go into Europe, I always use Flixbus. A German run budget coach company, the prices are fair and the service is extremely good – what you’d expect from a well run efficient country.

The service I receive every time I use Flixbus is worth the reviews I give when used. If you’re not a coach trip person then I don’t recommend using them, of course. On board the modern fleet of coaches are free Wi-Fi (Hell yeah!) Plug sockets on every coach, snacks and drinks which can be purchased via the driver’s co partner on board. There are normally two people onboard the coach, if you ever wonder. On some of the fleet you will see small TV screens in which films may be on, if long distance. What you also get is leg room, for myself this is excellent news because I’m 6ft 4 and I need the room for my long legs. Some of the fleet are double decker coaches, comfortable seats as well. You will also get table seats on the lower deck of some coaches, not on all coaches but some. Not only will you get great customer service onboard the coach, but also off it via their website and apps, customer service phone lines etc. BONUS – They have their own playlist on Spotify which is a nice touch, again used by their free and powerful internet service. A nice touch I think, sometimes we all get a bit bored with our own stuff especially if repeated. Flixbus is growing day by day, not only does the company employ thousands of people across Europe, in office or out, but it has also acquired Megabus Europe’s routes from them. A huge feat for a company that has only been running since the year 2013, go Flixbus! I 100% recommend using them, especially travelling in Germany, in which you’ll pay between 2-18 Euros for some return trips, some singles dependent on distance.

As for me, I will need to lay some foundations for a travel plan. As a keen photographer, I hope to explore a lot of the world this year, hopefully within the next few months.











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