Hello, readers.

I haven’t wrote a long blog for a while, been a bit busy to post one this week. Again, my late night thoughts seem to be my creative vocal point for writing things. I like thinking about past memories and experiences, I sometimes look back on it to motivate myself daily. We’ve all made mistakes and I definitely have made plenty, see, I’m human too. I got thinking about times where I had to move somewhere, sometimes on my own and how I managed to settle in those situations. I imagine there are a few people who agree that moving is always difficult, some people a few years down the line are still trying too. My first move away from home was a big one, and very quick. The way I planned it was very sudden, I had basically made the choice over night and booked the first train out the next morning whilst trying to pack all the stuff I had. I had three large bags to carry, one was a wheeling suitcase (which broke en route) a travelers rucksack about the size of a golfers bag, and a small bag on one hand. It had felt like a tonne throughout the journey, but I was determined to prove to myself that I could make big decisions on my own and make it work. This was my own personal goal, considering I had made a decision to move to a city 7 hours away around midnight with no real time to pack and go, I pulled it off eventually. The only real issue I had was that my arms and my back were killing by the time I had got to the estate agents in Leeds, at least another bus journey from the train station. I arrived around 1pm in the afternoon, a lovely day in West Yorkshire but the sunshine was my enemy at this point of time, especially carrying all my stuff in jeans and a jumper. By the time I had reached the estate agents, I wanted to give up because it was already approaching closing time there and I still had to register with the local council along with my application. With a helping hand from the estate agents, they actually managed to get it sorted swiftly and even let me have the house keys a day earlier because I had no where else to go, I couldn’t wait around til tomorrow to collect. At this point I would have slept on the pavement, I was tired, hungry and achy from the traveling.

Waking up on the first day of my new move was a great moment, a successful move, the weather was great again, I finally had a sleep too. It took me a couple of weeks to really settle in, know my surroundings and the people I lived with. Everything was looking up at this point, but down the road were some bumps which unfortunately lead me to moving again. Leeds reminded me of Devon a lot, too many bloody hills that were ridiculously too steep. It was a huge pain carrying even more stuff that I had collected over the months, to move it into a new house. The new house had some maintenance problems but it was a good house, cool flatmates and my room was great and perfectly situated and close to shops, bus routes and pubs! Probably the best experience of living in Leeds was in this house, I met some cool people from nights out, the housemates were all nice as well. I officially settled there, and it felt great to finally settle somewhere after so much moving, work was good, I got to see a lot of Argyle games as well especially away from home. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, I had to move back to Plymouth for a few months to sort things out. I realized things about certain people, managed the problems and headed back to Leeds just after Christmas, only two streets down from where I was before, 6 months earlier. The last place I had was great, in fact for three months I was living in a shared house with only myself, eventually someone moved in but it was always a quiet house, the people eventually started coming in and it become more busier but the three months I had it to myself were times I will always remember. I had really landed on my feet in Leeds by this point, I had what some people may remark as a perfectly consistent life. I was visiting home now and again for a treat, life was definitely consistent. I really liked the area I was in, although most of the places I lived in were ‘student’ areas, not to say it wasn’t interesting though. I quite enjoyed the random parties you get invited too, meeting new people, ending up with bus stop signs and traffic cones that you apparently brought home (?). It was a fun time for me, unfortunately all good things must come to an end.. I had a mental breakdown and I fell like Jenga.

Although my time in Leeds had come to a dramatic end, I will always savor the memories I had.. Until I make them again. I never gave up the dream of living independently on my own, somewhere new and far from home. The only reason I had to come home was because I mentally broke down and that reason only. Although I love Plymouth and will always consider it home wherever life takes me, I just needed to prove to myself that I could rely on myself financially and independently. I did just that but I want to do that over a period of 5-10 years with no bumps in between, of course life always springs things upon you that you can’t deal with, it’s a real pain. For now, I’m happy where I am and I think I need to be close to home and family for now. I don’t want to test myself again just yet, I wouldn’t say life is perfect because currently it is not. I’m still recovering but the progress is good although having a few meltdowns over the recent months with depression, anxiety and insomnia. I’ll get back on my feet!

What shows above is a human being trying to cope with new surroundings, it’s not easy. I’m thankful for the people who made it a lot easier, unfortunately my life has thrown me curve balls pretty consistently and a few of those have hit me and knocked me down. It happens, it’s part of being an adult. These things make you or break you, it depends on only you if you want it to make you or break you. I learned it the hard way but I will probably find myself in these situations again in the future, but with the experience of it I find it a lot easier to settle into my surroundings. My journey to happiness currently stalls but I haven’t given up the chance to live in Yorkshire again, it’s a lovely place and I feel I have an unwritten story there and I need to complete it.

If there’s anyone that is or has gone through similar situations as I have, give this a comment with how it turned you around, or perhaps questions to help you through it. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, but you’ll get there.















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