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Spontaneous is a great word, with great action behind it. I would definitely say I’m a spontaneous person because I love doing random things at random hours and really sticking with it. A few examples of me making dramatic decisions; I booked a very late coach to London from my home in Plymouth to meet another coach that went over to Europe via France, Belgium, Holland and it’s final destination Germany. That was probably my craziest decision in recent times because of the time of night, the lack of preparation time and a real ‘point finger at map and go’ choice. It turned out to be one of the best weeks ever, although I had some problems with my hotel on arrival into Frankfurt early morning (About 2am), the room I had booked was nothing like the one I wanted, for one it had about 11 people in it when I only wanted a single room. Luckily the hotel were quite nice and friendly about it, got my refund and moved around the city in the late hours of the morning and managed to find a cheap B&B for one night.

The following morning I had to find a hotel or hostel for the rest of my stay, my coach was due to leave Germany back to England around 5am and needed 3 nights at least. Which is what I got Here at the Colour Hotel in Frankfurt Am Main, I paid around 72 euros for the 3 nights which is reasonable considering it was booked on the day. The stay was lovely, the bed was comfortable and the service was great! I really recommend if you plan to stay in the area. Anyway, the whole week was based on being spontaneous, I never really ‘planned’ anything beforehand. Those decisions turnt out to be pretty good ones and so the whole week was over, albeit a little too quick. It cost me very little money as well which is a bonus, I met some great people, had some great food and drink and got on my coach back home.

Another example of spontaneous; a recent travel trip around my own county of Devon. With the weather being quite wet during the week, I had a suspicion it would again rain coming into the Friday but I went anyway and it was another great decision. The weather was not perfect but the sun did come out for most of the trip, I ate some great food and took some more photos which turned out great in the upload process. It was £10 for a Devon Day Rover which basically means travel on any train around Devon on standard class, a pretty good bargain considering how Devon is so accessible by train. A trip that lasted pretty much all afternoon, getting back into Plymouth for around 5.30pm in which the ticket validity would end. A perfect day out and costing less than £30 including food, ticket and drinks along the way. A quick mention about the South West Coastal path which is a 630 mile walk, I didn’t complete the whole thing as it would take days and I started at Teignmouth. The part of the coastal path I walked along runs down the side of a main railway line used by GWR and Virgin CrossCountry trains which connects Devon to the bigger cities including the capital and other parts of Devon. It’s a great route for people using the train, views of the countryside and seaside – wonderful. It took about 45 minutes – 1hr to walk from Teignmouth to Dawlish along the coastal path seawall which comes to an end at a tunnel. Thinking this is where it ends, I didn’t want to walk all the way back, although I remember a time as a kid walking through that tunnel – not sure. I found a way which actually lead onto the coastal path route, although being quite hilly and muddy because of the short bursts of rain throughout the day. The walk was very much in the countryside, leading to great hillside views from above the railway looking over to Dawlish, if only I could have stayed there a while longer and if the weather was a bit nicer – still a great view. It is not easy to continue the coastal path route, it’s all up hill until you turn right and follow a very thin path up to the top of the hill then it’s easy from there. From the end of the seawall you want to go down the steps which go underneath the railway and then up hill. There will be signs to get to where you need to be!

After the long day of walking, I needed a nice chilled beer in a local pub. Well worth it and a great day out by all accounts! Again, a trip based on no real planning, just plain spontaneous decisions. It doesn’t have to cost if you don’t want it too, I’m so lucky to live in a county and city which gives a lot of great views and scenic paths within 30 minutes walking distance. I will sometimes walk up to the Plymouth Hoe seafront at random hours in the morning or night to hear the waves crashing, the fresh sea air really does wake you up and it’s a great feeling too. I mainly do things on my own but I’m always open to other people joining me, I also recently went to Dartmoor with a few local people from Plymouth in which I was planning to do so anyway but it seemed like a great moment to go with others. Again, it didn’t cost a penny and you get to see breathtaking views on a Sunday afternoon in the sunshine. People say Sunday’s are made for resting and being lazy, granted I like it sometimes but I also love adventure.

There are so many opportunities to explore and people choose not too which is fair, if they don’t like that sort of thing. There’s a natural beauty in this world of ours which needs to be seen and documented, I plan to do that with more spontaneous trips around my country and the rest of the world. Remember folks, you don’t always need a plan – just go and do it and figure things out when you get there!



Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading wanderers.













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