Evening everyone!


I love food as much as the next person, but I’m not one of these people that would go to fancy restaurants and buy tiny portions of higher class food. I don’t see the point to be honest, unless you like that sort fine dining luxury lifestyle. Although I could afford fancy food, I’m more into trying new budget type meals, whether it’s street food or dining. I visited some great little places whilst being in different countries but I’d love to see and try more food. At home I like to cook, always have done! I like trying new things to cook, different recipes and spices. I think I’ve probably been ignorant to other types of meat and fish especially because we all have dislikes or think things look yucky or weird. That’s fair because a lot of food I see, 30% of the time I think it looks gross and I won’t eat it or even try. I wish Plymouth had more world food places, like you see in the big cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester to name a few that I’ve visited in the past. I used to visit the Leeds street food vendors in the Trinity shopping center – a wonderful place of architecture and great food opportunities. Although Plymouth is growing as a city, with more big name places setting up, especially food. Signs are good and I think there will be a world food market here soon.

From my time living in Leeds, I visited these street food vendors from all over the world, it would change either weekly or fortnightly. It would always be different, which is good because you can get bored with making or eating the same food, as tasty as it may be. The setup was on the bottom floor of Leeds Trinity shopping plaza, there were 5 or 6 little vans around the area where the food court was placed with a couple of bars, standard sized kitchens serving food from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and of course Great Britain with people serving British food with a modern twist. Granted it can be expensive with certain things but you pay for quality and it isn’t too pricey. I sat down huge portions of Vietnamese food costing around £8, there was noodle dishes, rice, chicken, fish dishes as well. A lot of food for one person so great value! I ate a lot of food I never tried before, and now cook myself because of that experience. It’s great to try new foods whilst learning a lot about different cultures etc. For those meat lovers, there was American style BBQ vans and kitchens inside the food court, ranging from brisket, BBQ pork and chicken, spare ribs and a great selection of tasty burgers for a very reasonable price. There was also things like juice bars, tea bars and coffee bars, along with desserts and pretty much everything you can think of that would get your taste buds going. With purchases on food you get little cards that get marked when you buy meals, I think most were get 10 stamps and get a free meal of your choice – I did this a lot!

In the next coming months I want to travel a lot more before things start changing politically with Brexit terms, hoping to try a lot of new food and gain more tips for recipes. Until then..thanks for reading!












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