Good evening ladies and gents, it’s been a week or so since my last post. I haven’t really had the ideas to post but no post is better and more meaningful when it comes from deep within.

As some may know, I suffer with depression in a long battle of mind numbing pain. It’s difficult to ‘get over’ because it simply doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you aren’t in control of your own thoughts, even when you’re fighting those thoughts. I wouldn’t wish depression on anyone, even enemies. I have had two spouts of depression, once when I was a young kidda and the current times. The only advice I can give is to continue doing things you enjoy. For me it’s music, it’s an extremely big passion of mine and I will give anything a listen if it has a good beat, not all into mainstream stuff. A band I recently found on Youtube by the name of Cigarettes After Sex, wonderfully named, has given me many eargasms over the past two weeks. I love finding music that no one would normally see pop up on the internet, you have to search deep to find music like this. I’m glad I found it because not only is the music great but the lyrics are deep and meaningful. Another band I like and found on Youtube is Oh Hiroshima, another fantastic rock band from Sweden, give them both a listen. Music changes my mood swings so easily, although I’ll listen to certain music in certain moods.


Music is a real life changer for me, I know I can go to it if I need cheering up or just generally get into a good mood. I love music for that. When depression hits me hard, the first thing I do is listen to music, and have a few cigarettes in the process (Bloody horrible habit at that). I need to start appreciating life more, and focus on it, not letting it get to me. Although in the past I’ve been around bad and negative people that haven’t helped my recovery, I hold high regards for people that have stuck with me, or just put up with me – I know I’m a pain! I respect people for what they do for me, whether it’s a chat, a drink or cooked dinner for me. Never let those people out of your life. Anyway, enjoy reading my drivel and keep an eye out for the next post.










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