Hello all! With the football season finishing in good spirits from being promoted to League 1, it’s time to start thinking about the season ahead, although pre-season being far away there is always going to be debates on players coming in and out, especially because most clubs are releasing players. I’ve got a list of players in my mind that I would have down at Argyle, like we all do, but now seeing other clubs release players, I’m pretty confident Derek Adams can bring even better quality players to this club to back a promotion campaign.

The hottest question on Argyle fan’s lips is the most obvious one.. Will star player Graham Carey stay? My opinion is that he has played his last game in an Argyle shirt (Grimsby away), a player that can register that many goals and assists in a single season in League 2 is always going to attract attention of teams higher up in the leagues. I would obviously be truly gutted if he does goes, a wonderful player, we will miss his 25 yard rockets, taking on 4 players at once, the deft touches and wonderful ability on the ball. He is the most technically gifted player that I’ve seen play in Green for sure, I just really hope he chooses the right club. I could understand him going to Scotland again, family north of the border is always a decisive choice when it comes to football. If anything, I would prefer him to play in a league that we won’t play against him in, it will come back to haunt us, we know what he can do. Would hate for him to score a goal that might decide a promotion chance, could happen, also couldn’t. Argyle fan’s are praying that he stays but we sometimes have to grit our teeth and deal with it.

Can we replace someone of Carey’s quality? Not Carey’s quality, but yes definitely someone who can replicate his form from midfield. Another question that’s a hot topic at the moment, Craig Tanner has been released from Reading due to being out of contract, would we sign him? DA clearly doesn’t think he’s his type of player, left out a lot last season but managed 6 goals in 16 which isn’t bad considering most of his goals have come off the bench and rare starts. I like him, think we should snap him up because he could probably become a main man in the team, especially if we lose Carey. Not many people will agree of course but we need to start adding players before pre season, I expect DA to add some real quality to this promotion winning side. Would love to see Matty back, of course Neil loves us so it is possible that it could happen. Someone to support Taylor or play alongside him, a scorer of 15 goals or more a season is what we need. Jervis has put in his fair share of goals over the course of the season but much prefer him out wide. Hearing rumors of former Pilgrim Gregg Wylde coming back, I would definitely have him back, someone who provides good width with good pace, especially considering he’s free I’m sure he’ll jump at the chance because he will get games consistently.

With DA’s keen eye for players, I’m positive we can make a big promotion charge again, the mentality of promotion will be drilled into players and Derek will not settle for “Surviving” in League 1. There isn’t a huge difference between L2 and L1,  let’s be honest. I think we will finish around the play off places next season, should be interesting what happens.

My next football based post will be made once things become clearer transfer wise. Enjoy the read and speak soon!















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