Good afternoon, humans. How we all doing? It’s finally summer time, and judging by the weather forecast it will be a pretty hot summer especially in Plymouth. So many plans need to be made, quite fancy a travel around Europe again seeming it’ll be fairly cheap.

Waiting patiently for the new football season to start, no news as to what kit Plymouth Argyle will be releasing yet. We have had some signings though in the form of Former Coventry play-maker Ruben Lamerias and Player of The Season for Morecambe last season, Ryan Edwards, a defender. There has also been some news in the new reformed League Cup, now named Carabao Cup, a energy drink supplier. News came out yesterday that Argyle will travel to local West Country rivals Bristol City, in which I and the Green Army are very looking forward to! Something about a cup away game before the season starts really kicks the season off. Argyle have not played Bristol City since the Championship days, a long time ago. Very looking forward to visiting Ashton Gate again, this time in a new refurbished look.

Looking to plan a few trips to Europe in the mean time, with weather-forecasts looking pretty good I really do want to get away and bask in the heat in a European country. If anyone has any tips for me, places to visit. please let me know! Looking to cover a bit more of Germany and Belgium as there are a few places I want to tick off. Come back in preparation for the new season ahead which I’m very excited for.

More blogs to come soon..

Thanks for reading, folks!













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