Life isn’t always perfect, there are so many things that hurt us and upset us. I recently managed to find myself in a relationship but within a week it had ended and I am distraught. I can’t deny my anger and disappointment but I have to move on as an adult and a person. There are times where life will throw things in our path that we may not like or desire but it’s life, and let’s be honest, life can suck. We have to deal with it, and it is really difficult. I found myself becoming stronger as a person after a recent break up, not just relationship wise but personally. It made me look at myself and wonder what I’ve done to myself, I need to change because I’m letting mental health get the better of me physically and mentally. In my now free time I will only be focusing on myself, sometime to think, a time to get away. I have been talking about getting away for a while but like I say, life throws things at you which make it difficult. It has now become easy, my destination? Probably my beloved Germany, there are a lot of places there I want to explore. I will be planning it very soon and I can’t wait because I need it, so so much right now. Life can promise so much potential but it can let you down just as easy, let it be a lesson to myself and others.



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