Plymouth Argyle 0-3 Doncaster Rovers

Another day, another defeat for Argyle – it was the worst performance I’ve seen at Home Park and that really is saying something because there have been some awful matches.

The mood is clearly low at Home Park, not just from the fans either. I certainly believe that something is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. There are reports that Adams has lost the dressing room, if that’s the case then it’s going to be a long season. With only a handful of games played, I was optimistic that we would stay up in League 1 – after Saturday’s performance I am actually worried we’re in trouble. Discipline is the main cause of concern this season, the 4th red card at home in a row is not good. Sonny Bradley was a rock last season, a goal scoring CB with a bit of passion but we know he has a little bit of a hot fuse and Saturday it was clear to see. An off the ball incident in which a Rover’s player was tussling with Bradley’s shirt, and a punch (After seeing the highlights again) – Sonny reacted punched the player back leading to the red.



Throughout the game we looked deflated, heads have already dropped coming into the game and it showed. Doncaster are not exactly enjoying life back in League 1 themselves, they weren’t brilliant on Saturday – very simple football. We seem to make teams look a lot better then they are, the first of Donny’s goals hit the bar and then came back to another player and headed past Luke. The second was even more ridiculous, Luke spilled something he should be keeping hold of, tapped in again. The third was a slight touch from Rover’s striker Alfie May for 0-3. Argyle didn’t want to defend at all, they looked slow to react – heads went down after the 1st goal. I can’t remember an Argyle player putting a foot in whatsoever, are we scared to do so in-case we get another red? Again Cifcti looked way out of his depth, the man can’t do anything. There was a first start for Argyle prospect Alex Fletcher in which Argyle fans have been crying out for to start – unfortunately for him he hardly saw the ball and there was no support for him.

Couldn’t pick one positive from the game, the closest we got to scoring was in the first half when a delicate chip from Sarcevic just hit the roof of the net. Wylde was brought on second half and he probably ran more than anyone the whole game, Ainsworth was also brought on and he was the only player that looked like he could do something. The man can run at pace and cross a ball, why are we not starting him? I think it’s time to drop Nadir, change things before it gets worse. I fully believe in Adams to turn things around but he will have to make sacrifices, why wasn’t Fox starting? With Carey coming back and a positive cameo from Ainsworth, will this play into the mind of DA? We look so much better when we run at teams with pace much like last season. Of course the fans are getting on the back of the players, can you blame them? I didn’t clap them at the end but most of the Demport end did and I wondered why? I’ll continue supporting them but Saturday they didn’t deserve a clap. If the dressing room has been lost then I can understand why we’re out of sorts but the players must recoup and strive to hit the target at least.


There were occasions in the game where the Donny players were rolling around a couple of times, I believe one got booked for time wasting which was the correct decision. A lot of teams come down here and think they can get away with it but finally someone was booked for it. If anything it was poor decisions from the linesmen rather than the ref, we cannot keep blaming the ref for games we lose regardless if we get a red card. The performances should be from the players, and they have been awful. Graham Carey will be back for high flying Wigan after his suspension, I’m glad because we lack the killer pass and creativity he brings to the team. I noticed at the end from where I was sat in the Demport end, there were a lot of boo’s, fair enough, they probably deserved it but to throw things such as bottles and rubbish is taking it too far. I understand it’s a stressful time but we must not let it get the better of us, continue to support the team and things will work out eventually. Believe in Adams, there’s a long way to go and we can still turn it around – just don’t expect us to be in the top half of the table come May.

Another match report coming up soon, keep the faith and keep it Green!










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