Southend Utd 1-1 Plymouth Argyle

Hello all! I recently went away with Argyle to watch them take on promotion favourites Southend Utd. After spending a fair few hours on the coach, leaving at 6.30am at Home Park on Saturday we reached the ground, not the greatest view from the outside. I do like the historic old football grounds though, reminds me very much of Luton Town’s stadium. Around 800 of the Green Army made their way to Essex, great numbers and in fine voice once again, so typical of the support of the club.



First half Argyle started very similar to how they’ve started this season, conceding very early and not really waking up. I feared that the game would be Bristol City all over again, a cross from the right hand side within a few minutes of the game kicking off, unfortunately Sonny Bradley deflected it past his own keeper and that was 1-0 Southend already. Argyle were absolutely useless in the first half, one to forget I think, we had a couple of chances though, Carey going close and Blissett having a couple of good chances. Second half performance was much better, DA brought on Songo’o and Ainsworth to try and change the game in Argyle’s favour. The changes had an instant impact, Ainsworth running at Southend with his pace and trickery did open up the game quite a bit. Unfortunately Mr Reliable, David Fox, had a bad game and was booked early on – leading to his substitution. Argyle were starting to get into the game, having a couple of pops at goal themselves but were still shaky at the back, didn’t think Southend posed much of a threat second half, they were playing very simple football and we were making too many school boy errors. I don’t like to criticize players too much but Miller is a liability, was pretty solid throughout last season. With Oscar out, I’m extremely worried that we don’t have a solid right back this season, we will ship a lot of goals in League 1, very weak down the right hand side.

The problem I have with football is the standard of refereeing, this was another example of the poor standard of it. Multiple times he went against Argyle with his decisions, there were three times Southend players were kicking our players above the knee, first half and second half but completely missed by the ref. It almost does feel like everyone is against us sometimes and I can understand why, if the EFL did something about the standard of their refs, maybe fans would go to the games more often.

Anyway, more Argyle pressure ended up with Argyle having a corner around the 60 minute mark, Carey from the right hand side, and Ryan Edwards climbed highest and headed the ball into the net making it his first goal for Argyle right in front of the Green Army. In the celebration, with bodies and limbs flying everywhere, I ended up trapping my foot in between the row of seats in front and broke my foot. Unfortunate injury as I had to sit on the coach all the way back to Plymouth and then go to hospital, feeling sore at the moment! Argyle’s second half performance was a definite improvement on the first half, Carey’s shot late into the second half, with the Southend keeper pulling off a wonderful save – otherwise it was 1-2 to Argyle. A deserved point for Argyle on a difficult pitch, a point is a great result away from home. My man of the match was Nathan Blissett once again, won every ball in the air, has great ball control and held the line pretty well on his own. He had a few chances to score today, possibly should of scored but an all round good performance, he is certainly impressing me at the moment. For the Green Army it was business as usual, great atmosphere in great numbers, not a bad little stadium but finding an away pub was difficult so my recommendation is to go to the sea front rather than walking around the ground trying to find somewhere.

Argyle’s next game is at home to Scunthorpe Utd on this coming Saturday, hope you’ve enjoyed the read and catch the next edition soon!













Bristol City 5-0 Plymouth Argyle

Last nights game was a terrible watch, in all fairness. Bristol City were clearly the better side and I can see the big difference between both divisions. Argyle managed 0 shots on target and only 1 corner, the worst performance I’ve seen of Argyle in my time supporting them. Bristol were a joy to watch though, former Green Bobby Reid was a torment most of the match with his pace and trickery. City had pace, skill and strength from the back to the front in which Argyle couldn’t cope. 3-0 down within 20 minutes and the game was over before the half time whistle, the only shining light Argyle had was Nathan Blissett who ran his socks off for the team on his own, he has great ball control, won most things in the air but it’s a shame there was no support for him otherwise it could of have been a different game.




Ashton Gate is quite a stadium though, all of the 1,831 Argyle fans sang their heart out in the Atyeo Stand, a fantastic turn out by the Green Army once again. Once the second half whistle went I think many of us were hoping for a better performance and less goals but the side were a tiny bit better than they were in the first half. Again, Bristol scored a few long range worldies. I don’t normally make a judgement on a player for one bad game but Robbert Te Loeke had a nightmare, looked dodgy even running up to kicking a ball and made several school boy errors in goal. I severely hope we never have to see him between the sticks again, I would prefer to focus on the league but to go out like we did was an embarrassment. To play so well against Peterborough to a 5-0 drubbing is disgraceful, Bristol City are a good side and the difference in quality is there to see but I’ve never seen Argyle play so badly in a game of football. The highlight of the game was around the 60 minute mark, a seagull flying inside around the stands in which Argyle fans replied with “Seagull, Seagull, Seagull” and “We want that seagull back” We all knew how bad we were playing but Argyle fans always make the best situation out of a bad one and it was hilarious. The attendance of the City fans was poor but yes it was a cup game, a few chants from a group at the far corner of the ground chanting “You’re shit” with Argyle fans replying with “5-0 and you still don’t sing” and “You only scored *enter number of goals each time* how shit must you be, you only scored *enter number of goals each time*. It was a great day out, a laugh and a great atmosphere but we now move on to the league again. It was a lesson in football from the red side of Bristol but we take it on board and move on with the experience, that’s football for you.












Bristol City (a)| Carabao Cup

Good afternoon!

Today is an exciting day, Plymouth Argyle will travel to West Country rivals Bristol City in the newly re-formed Carabao Cup this evening. Approx 1,800 of the Green Army will be in attendance tonight to roar on a hopeful win at Ashton Gate, in which will be the first fixture between the sides for 8 years. Our last visit to Ashton Gate ended in a 3-1 defeat in the Championship with Jamie Mackie getting the only goal for Argyle that day. Have been looking forward to this game since the fixture came out and not only am I excited for the fixture itself but also the new development of Ashton Gate. It does look very smart, not like the boring piss pot stadiums that resemble a block of lego. The away stand is now higher up, I loved the old away stand at Ashton gate, reminds me of Luton’s, atmospheric with a bit of the old stadium feel. I’m positive that it will be a great atmosphere with the 1,800+ Argyle fans, they will make a racket wherever they go.



carabaoTonight’s game will not be easy for Bristol, Argyle started the campaign with a slight defeat to Peterborough Utd but performance wise, there are a lot of positives. It seems City will be making quite a few changes, Bobby Reid, former PAFC loan signing looks to get the nod up front this evening. There are question marks over who will be in goal tonight for Argyle – I would stick with Luke personally. My prediction tonight is a 1-2 victory for the Greens, it will be an interesting game nevertheless. Safe travels to all fans going tonight, Come On You Greens!













Life isn’t always perfect, there are so many things that hurt us and upset us. I recently managed to find myself in a relationship but within a week it had ended and I am distraught. I can’t deny my anger and disappointment but I have to move on as an adult and a person. There are times where life will throw things in our path that we may not like or desire but it’s life, and let’s be honest, life can suck. We have to deal with it, and it is really difficult. I found myself becoming stronger as a person after a recent break up, not just relationship wise but personally. It made me look at myself and wonder what I’ve done to myself, I need to change because I’m letting mental health get the better of me physically and mentally. In my now free time I will only be focusing on myself, sometime to think, a time to get away. I have been talking about getting away for a while but like I say, life throws things at you which make it difficult. It has now become easy, my destination? Probably my beloved Germany, there are a lot of places there I want to explore. I will be planning it very soon and I can’t wait because I need it, so so much right now. Life can promise so much potential but it can let you down just as easy, let it be a lesson to myself and others.




Where am I? I have no idea where I am or what happened last night. All I remember is taking a taxi and getting off, did I make it home? Because this doesn’t look familiar to me.  I don’t remember anything, it’s almost like my mind has vanished, it appears I’m in some kind of subway station but I don’t think I’ve ever been here. Or maybe I have but I just don’t remember anymore. What the hell happened to me? I need to get a coffee or something, if I can find my way out of here. It seems too quiet here for a subway station, maybe it’s later than I think, I’ll wait a few minutes to see if there’s a train. After 15 minutes of waiting the train still hasn’t arrived, I look around to find an exit but everything seems to be locked. Is this a prank or something? Am I in a dream? I decide to walk along the track to the next station to see if I can get out there instead. I really hope there isn’t a train right now, I need to get out of here.


As I walk along the track I see a ladder up above the tunnel, I can’t reach it it’s too high up. I walk further on and I can start to see some lights, it must be the next platform. There’s a man on the station, as I walk closer to him he shouts “What are you doing down here? You can’t be here!” I explained that the previous platform was locked and I couldn’t get out. “Of course it’s locked, it’s not being used anymore” He replies. I give him a confused look. “This line hasn’t been used since the 1970’s, how the hell did you get down here?” He asks. “I don’t really know, I just woke up here about half an hour ago, I’m not sure what’s going on.” The man shakes his dead and shows me the way to get out. Finally I can get out of here and get home. As I approach the exit of the station I see a machine that dispenses drinks, I could really do with one so I put my hand in my pocket and take out anything I have so I can get a drink. I finally make it out into fresh daylight but I still don’t know where I am, maybe I was drugged last night.

I walk around the square near the station for a while, trying to find out where I am. I spot a help desk in the distance so I walk up and ask the person where I am, in which he replies “You’re in Berlin my friend.” How did I end up here? I take a map from the desk and walk away, still trying to come to terms with what happened in the last 24hrs. Not that I know much about it, all I know is that I’m going to find out some way or another..









Hello again! How is everyone? The last week has been odd but in a good way, probably the best week for a while. Had some social interaction which I don’t mind from time to time, decided to go exploring on the trains around Devon again which was fun. Met a really cool person as well, I do appreciate good things when they do happen. Saw some friends that I hadn’t seen for a while, hosted a BBQ which was really fun! The hangover wasn’t though. It’s almost football season and I’m gearing up for Bristol City in the Carabao Cup, extremely looking forward to it! Haven’t been to proper football in a while, soon that will be over.



My sleeping pattern hasn’t changed which is a shame because I was really tired the other day and I couldn’t sleep. Sleep does effect my mood as well which just makes me feel lower than I normally do. Still want to look at going away but that may have to wait as I’ve spent way too much recently. Bleddy money. Hope everyone is well, more posts soon!











A pretty unorthodox post at this time but sometimes the battle to sleep becomes powerful without realizing. As well as monitoring my own personal state, I do like to study other people, not because I’m on a course or anything but just out of my own personal interest. I look to other people to inspire myself and take on tips to improve my own self, people are interesting, in strange but wonderful ways. As a mental health sufferer I always look to help myself but also learn from other sufferers and non sufferers as well, but how can you tell the difference? Well there are some ways where you can see through people, in their body language and tone of voice. You can’t tell someone has depression by just looking at them, you might notice things about the person but it would be offensive to say “You don’t look depressed so you’re just acting up”. Possibly the worst thing you could say to a mental health sufferer, perhaps there’s someone I know who does the exact same things as I do.

You can’t see what goes on in a persons mind, behind every smile is someone that could be clinically depressed or happy as larry. It’s impossible to tell, and I don’t like to intrude so I don’t like to ask, then again, I wouldn’t like it if someone did it to me either, I’m a half open book most of the time. Can be ridiculously stubborn when I want to be, “I’m fine” but inside my mind is rotting away every last happy thought I have. I try not to let it bother me but you can’t change the thoughts you have. The only thing I can do is try, because if you don’t try, what’s the point? Sometimes my mind controls my actions, it’s part of the parcel of mental health for those who also know it or have had it in the past. Although I am trying to think positive if and where I can, I should be thankful for what and who I do have in my life. Of course we all wish that one thing changed, but you can’t change the past but you can change your future, whether you think you have one or not. Most of the time I don’t believe I have a future, whether it’s me or mental health talking, it’s difficult as I say, sometimes my mind controls my actions. I haven’t really been having the support I deserve in the recovery process I find myself in, but I do realize that there are people who are far worse off than I am, a planet of billions of people. Perhaps I feel a bit ignorant in that sense, I obviously do know that there are people who suffer much worse than I am, I’m just another person with a story to tell. I want to keep telling it though and I’m remaining positive that I want to be part of life whether depression knocks me down or not.

There will be more pages to cover in writing in the near future, I feel Word Press is helping me achieve that as it’s a place I feel safe enough to open up a little. Sorry if it’s boring you, I do apologize.