Hello all readers far and wide!

Why blog? Good question. I find blogging along with photography, very relaxing. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind during the day, new ideas that I want to get across or simply remove them from my mind so I have space for more things to think about. I look to YouTube for a lot of my inspiration, as well reaching out to other bloggers. Blogging doesn’t have to be a certain topic, you can literally write anything that’s on your mind. I started blogging about a year ago and haven’t looked back since, I enjoy it a lot and it’s something I can do to unwind. Not many people know but I actually make a good profit on blogging for various companies who look for writers and journalists, even people who just want to get into blogging more. I took that opportunity a few months ago and it’s now part of my daily routine, the content can sometimes be your choice or the people who employ you. It’s a great way to make some extra money if you’re short on cash, or you just want to make some and have fun whilst doing it.


I watch daily vloggers on YouTube not only for inspiration but generally because it’s interesting, there are a lot of people that I tune into but one I find inspiring is Mark Wiens from Mark travels the world for food and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous, I mean we all love food right? To make a career out of doing it is well respected in my opinion, we all have to start somewhere. From a couple of thousand views to millions of subscribers, Mark has really stuck to what he wanted from the start and is now traveling the globe whilst documenting and making money daily. Sounds like a great life to me, hopefully I will emulate something like what Mark is doing. Some things do take time, and of course a bit of money thrown in too but you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. My long term goal is to travel the world, photograph my experiences and document it to the world in a similar fashion as Mark Wiens. Having started my own blog a year ago and sticking to it, it’s the first real step to making a dream come true. You can find Marks’ YouTube Channel Here to see what he’s all about, make sure to give a subscribe to his channel, it’ll be well worth it. The main reason I follow people like Mark is that there is so much passion behind it, he didn’t make the channel in hope he’d be famous one day, but because he is genuinely passionate about food like many of us. Well done Mark!


It’s very easy to make a blog channel, I find Word Press is the best one for what it has to offer. I like the interface and the options you get to customize the look and feel of your own page, I’m always changing it around because I’m learning how to edit, code themes and getting more creative in terms of what content I post. If there’s anyone who wants to start a blog and need advice on where to start and how to setup, give me a message below. Blogging can be anything you want it be, just a hobby, somewhere to express your opinions privately or openly, a career or just a cash earner. That’s the great thing about it, the choices are limitless and you learn a lot from it which will make you become a lot better at blogging. I’m going to be making some changes to my personal blog in the near future, along with a possible channel on YouTube.

Thanks for reading and take care!








Hello, readers.

I haven’t wrote a long blog for a while, been a bit busy to post one this week. Again, my late night thoughts seem to be my creative vocal point for writing things. I like thinking about past memories and experiences, I sometimes look back on it to motivate myself daily. We’ve all made mistakes and I definitely have made plenty, see, I’m human too. I got thinking about times where I had to move somewhere, sometimes on my own and how I managed to settle in those situations. I imagine there are a few people who agree that moving is always difficult, some people a few years down the line are still trying too. My first move away from home was a big one, and very quick. The way I planned it was very sudden, I had basically made the choice over night and booked the first train out the next morning whilst trying to pack all the stuff I had. I had three large bags to carry, one was a wheeling suitcase (which broke en route) a travelers rucksack about the size of a golfers bag, and a small bag on one hand. It had felt like a tonne throughout the journey, but I was determined to prove to myself that I could make big decisions on my own and make it work. This was my own personal goal, considering I had made a decision to move to a city 7 hours away around midnight with no real time to pack and go, I pulled it off eventually. The only real issue I had was that my arms and my back were killing by the time I had got to the estate agents in Leeds, at least another bus journey from the train station. I arrived around 1pm in the afternoon, a lovely day in West Yorkshire but the sunshine was my enemy at this point of time, especially carrying all my stuff in jeans and a jumper. By the time I had reached the estate agents, I wanted to give up because it was already approaching closing time there and I still had to register with the local council along with my application. With a helping hand from the estate agents, they actually managed to get it sorted swiftly and even let me have the house keys a day earlier because I had no where else to go, I couldn’t wait around til tomorrow to collect. At this point I would have slept on the pavement, I was tired, hungry and achy from the traveling.

Waking up on the first day of my new move was a great moment, a successful move, the weather was great again, I finally had a sleep too. It took me a couple of weeks to really settle in, know my surroundings and the people I lived with. Everything was looking up at this point, but down the road were some bumps which unfortunately lead me to moving again. Leeds reminded me of Devon a lot, too many bloody hills that were ridiculously too steep. It was a huge pain carrying even more stuff that I had collected over the months, to move it into a new house. The new house had some maintenance problems but it was a good house, cool flatmates and my room was great and perfectly situated and close to shops, bus routes and pubs! Probably the best experience of living in Leeds was in this house, I met some cool people from nights out, the housemates were all nice as well. I officially settled there, and it felt great to finally settle somewhere after so much moving, work was good, I got to see a lot of Argyle games as well especially away from home. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, I had to move back to Plymouth for a few months to sort things out. I realized things about certain people, managed the problems and headed back to Leeds just after Christmas, only two streets down from where I was before, 6 months earlier. The last place I had was great, in fact for three months I was living in a shared house with only myself, eventually someone moved in but it was always a quiet house, the people eventually started coming in and it become more busier but the three months I had it to myself were times I will always remember. I had really landed on my feet in Leeds by this point, I had what some people may remark as a perfectly consistent life. I was visiting home now and again for a treat, life was definitely consistent. I really liked the area I was in, although most of the places I lived in were ‘student’ areas, not to say it wasn’t interesting though. I quite enjoyed the random parties you get invited too, meeting new people, ending up with bus stop signs and traffic cones that you apparently brought home (?). It was a fun time for me, unfortunately all good things must come to an end.. I had a mental breakdown and I fell like Jenga.

Although my time in Leeds had come to a dramatic end, I will always savor the memories I had.. Until I make them again. I never gave up the dream of living independently on my own, somewhere new and far from home. The only reason I had to come home was because I mentally broke down and that reason only. Although I love Plymouth and will always consider it home wherever life takes me, I just needed to prove to myself that I could rely on myself financially and independently. I did just that but I want to do that over a period of 5-10 years with no bumps in between, of course life always springs things upon you that you can’t deal with, it’s a real pain. For now, I’m happy where I am and I think I need to be close to home and family for now. I don’t want to test myself again just yet, I wouldn’t say life is perfect because currently it is not. I’m still recovering but the progress is good although having a few meltdowns over the recent months with depression, anxiety and insomnia. I’ll get back on my feet!

What shows above is a human being trying to cope with new surroundings, it’s not easy. I’m thankful for the people who made it a lot easier, unfortunately my life has thrown me curve balls pretty consistently and a few of those have hit me and knocked me down. It happens, it’s part of being an adult. These things make you or break you, it depends on only you if you want it to make you or break you. I learned it the hard way but I will probably find myself in these situations again in the future, but with the experience of it I find it a lot easier to settle into my surroundings. My journey to happiness currently stalls but I haven’t given up the chance to live in Yorkshire again, it’s a lovely place and I feel I have an unwritten story there and I need to complete it.

If there’s anyone that is or has gone through similar situations as I have, give this a comment with how it turned you around, or perhaps questions to help you through it. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, but you’ll get there.














Travel Itch

Good Evening WordPress-ers.


For those who understand travel, there is always an urge that one will get when wanting to travel again, a lot of people call it the “travel bug”. Late last year I went on a little travelling myself, crossing various countries and cities in the process. It opened my eyes up in terms of seeing other people from different countries, live. It was an exciting trip! I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, which was by coach. I’ll give a little review of the coach company that I used, later on. There are people who will criticize others for wanting to travel, because it’s “stupid” and “a waste of money” those people tend to be ones who will never venture out of their comfort zone for whatever reason. A lot of people have barely left their own town or city, if that’s what they want then I respect that. I have been well travelled since being a kid so I was always on the move, I’ve now lived in different places but not really settled anywhere, although Aylesbury is my hometown, I consider Plymouth ‘Home’. I feel part of it, the city, the people etc, I have most of my friends and experiences here.

I’ve always believed in travel, to see new things, to meet new people, to take a different perspective on life. There are people who are small minded, they think that going abroad is boring and you won’t find a better life out there. Millions of Brits have moved over to Europe, Asia, America, South America and so on and have found a new lease of life in these places. Good on them! I don’t feel like I belong anywhere, but I know where home is if I need it. I learnt a lot of things from other people who I’ve met on the road and have inspired me to motivate my own life and change it. You’ll be surprised how you feel when you arrive in a different culture, it makes you feel guilty in some ways because there are people around the world who aren’t as lucky to have the technology we have nowadays. It makes me feel lucky that I have such things as heating, internet, a bed to sleep, a phone, a laptop, a camera etc, there are people who struggle for heat and a bed every night so I take those things for granted.


Everyone has a favorite place, whether it’s where you live, maybe somewhere you visited as a kid or even a holiday destination. My “go-to” place is Germany, having been interested in Germany since I was at school, studying history and learning about the Wars in which Germany had fought in, how much was destroyed and how it had to rebuild. Much like other countries, I find it interesting how other countries have rebuilt themselves. I’m a massive fan of architecture and will travel anywhere to see some great structures, I found a lot of great works of art and structures in Germany when I have visited. It’s one of the things that always bring me back there, along with all the beer and bratwurst of course! It’s lovely place, a different culture which is still enjoyed by millions of other people from all over the world. I like the uniqueness of the country, whether it’s architecture, food, culture or sport, and the people individually. I always feel safe there and enjoy myself a lot, having gained a lot of German friends, it just makes me more excited every time I visit.

It has been a few months since I have travelled, far too long in my own mind although I am truly grateful for the times I have been able too. Which is why I get the “itch” to do it all over again, but perhaps longer this time. I learnt that you don’t need money to enjoy yourself, with the experience I have of being in other countries, enjoying things that are free, it just makes me want to do it again. It is not always cheap to travel, but if you are smart enough to understand that booking a flight or coach a week in advance is extremely costly then you should have no problem in making a trip of a lifetime, which brings me to how I managed it…





When I use companies to book my tickets to go into Europe, I always use Flixbus. A German run budget coach company, the prices are fair and the service is extremely good – what you’d expect from a well run efficient country.

The service I receive every time I use Flixbus is worth the reviews I give when used. If you’re not a coach trip person then I don’t recommend using them, of course. On board the modern fleet of coaches are free Wi-Fi (Hell yeah!) Plug sockets on every coach, snacks and drinks which can be purchased via the driver’s co partner on board. There are normally two people onboard the coach, if you ever wonder. On some of the fleet you will see small TV screens in which films may be on, if long distance. What you also get is leg room, for myself this is excellent news because I’m 6ft 4 and I need the room for my long legs. Some of the fleet are double decker coaches, comfortable seats as well. You will also get table seats on the lower deck of some coaches, not on all coaches but some. Not only will you get great customer service onboard the coach, but also off it via their website and apps, customer service phone lines etc. BONUS – They have their own playlist on Spotify which is a nice touch, again used by their free and powerful internet service. A nice touch I think, sometimes we all get a bit bored with our own stuff especially if repeated. Flixbus is growing day by day, not only does the company employ thousands of people across Europe, in office or out, but it has also acquired Megabus Europe’s routes from them. A huge feat for a company that has only been running since the year 2013, go Flixbus! I 100% recommend using them, especially travelling in Germany, in which you’ll pay between 2-18 Euros for some return trips, some singles dependent on distance.

As for me, I will need to lay some foundations for a travel plan. As a keen photographer, I hope to explore a lot of the world this year, hopefully within the next few months.










Testicular Cancer

Good Evening internet.


Today I’d like to talk about Cancer, not a word everyone likes to hear. Cancer is one of the world’s biggest killers, it has taken away millions of people and continues to do so. People speak about celebrities having been taken by Cancer and I think it’s unfair to put them in a higher capacity just because they’re celebrities. Every human life is worth the same as any other person, regardless of what they have done in life, someone is important to someone all around the world. In particular I’d like to talk about Testicular Cancer, being a chap myself, it’s always worth getting checked out now and again. I tend to get checked once a month with a Doctor, whether it’s a local Doctor or Nurse, I’ll get checked nevertheless. In the last 5 years, I have had a few scares. Two or so years ago I found one testical to feel quite odd compared to the other, so I went to a Doctor to get a checkup, with an all manner of things running through my mind I received good news. I had something called a Cyst, a cyst is a fluid-filled sac which grows at the top end of the testicle. It is benign (ie not caused by cancer). Some men get only one; others get several on both testicles. Rarely, they can be associated with illnesses that cause cysts in other parts of the body. Unfortunately the process was extremely painful, having a needle threaded through to let the fluid out. It was not nice, but I was glad to have seen a Doctor about it.

Making people aware is always important and necessary. It is OK to feel paranoid about it, that’s why we get things like these checked out now and again, as it is a very common type of Cancer amongst men. I urge chaps to get a checkup even if they feel a slight change in size of either testical, any sharp but short pains in the testicular region, a shortness of breath or any symptoms provided on the NHS website.. Here’s the link  – Do not hold back if you feel a peculiar change in your testicles. I understand it can be difficult to get appointments in your local Doctors, perhaps a friend or a family member could help but I would recommend a professional as first choice.


I myself will be going for a checkup on the 13th of April because again, I have found peculiar differences in my testicular region. I have also experienced in the last 3 weeks at least 6 sharp but 2 second streaks of pain in that region, again it could be because I have recently had a change of medication. I can’t make a judgement because I’m not a Doctor or Nurse, so I will be having that check up as a concern, if anyone reads this and is wondering about the same pains they have in their own testicles, I urge you to make an appointment with your Doctor as well. Every human gets worried when the word Cancer is thrown around, not everyone will have cancer. It is possible to get it at any time, regardless of how healthy you eat or keep yourself. I have known people as fit as a fiddle to get Cancer, it can happen to anyone at any time regardless of gender or health status.



1 in 8 is quite a substantial figure. Don’t let yourself be a statistic, unfortunately some people will be but a lot of those people have beaten it because they checked themselves regularly. Always be aware. There is plenty of support for people who want to know more about it, there is a lot of support for people who are unfortunately going through it themselves. To find more information about Prostate Cancer here’s another link to Prostate Cancer UK where you can find more information about it, symptoms, the research being made and more facts about Prostate Cancer and how to make yourself more aware.

As for my own appointment for a testicular checkup, I’m not going to worry myself by thinking the worst. I have had two scares myself and it has prompt me to be more aware about it as it is extremely common amongst men. I would really appreciate if people could share this blog as far as they can, even if it’s on Facebook or any other social media platform. The more people are aware, the better. I imagine there are a lot of chaps who are unaware.

Again, would really appreciate the share.. I will report back to this post on the 13th of April of what my news is.



Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am over the moon.




Doncaster Rovers 0 – 1 Plymouth Argyle, bleddy get in, a fantastic result. Promotion sealed? A lot seem to think it’ll take 4 wins from the remaining games to get over the line. Personally I don’t think we even need as many as that but opinions are allowed to be voiced. Let’s take nothing away from the result, a typical Argyle away performance. No surprise to see the Carey – Bradley effect from a set piece, I believe it’s Sonny Bradley’s 7th goal of the season – not bad for a centre back. Argyle defended wonderfully after scoring the vital goal which puts Argyle clear and out of sight of 4th place. Not the best performance but solid and efficient, Doncaster fans will feel disheartened about the result and may feel they deserved a goal today. They might be right, although having only 3 shots on target, Doncaster had plenty of goalscoring opportunities to put the game to bed early on. Luke McCormick had made some fantastic saves during the match, arguably his best performance of the season. Of course Argyle’s back four were resolute, including the wonderful man Sonny Bradley, Mr Reliable. Sonny had sent Argyle fans crazy in the 50th minute of the match with a powerful header from yet again, a Graham Carey corner. Again, not a surprise to see that combination once again. It worked once again and Argyle should have had a second shortly after with Carey’s shot going well wide, in which he could have crossed to Jake Jervis in the box, who was screaming out for it. He might have had a case there, Argyle’s number 14. Nevertheless Argyle defended with grit and confidence which continued over the course of the second half, leading Argyle to a 1-0 win at top of the table Doncaster, reducing the gap to 3 points and further increasing Plymouth’s point gap between them and 4th place, to 13 points.

As it stands…

2017-03-26 (4)


With Argyle increasing the gap between them and the trailing pack, we come to the last remaining games of the season in which will decide who is promoted automatically. Let’s take a look at the run in of League two’s current top three..

We’ll start with the leaders:

Doncaster Rovers. A tough run in for Rovers as they travel to Grimsby town next, followed by play-off hopefuls Mansfield. Two games that won’t be easy by all means, they then follow up with a trip to Colchester. A game at home to again, play-off hopefuls Blackpool who have soared into the play-off spots of recent. Doncaster then finish off with games away at Wycombe, at home to Exeter and finishing the season off at Hartlepool. Not the easiest of run ins but no game is easy. Doncaster will be expected to win a majority of the remaining games but with Argyle just behind, it will prove to be an exciting finale for the League Two Crown.



Portsmouth FC.  Pompey, 3rd in the table next travel to Hartlepool follow by games at home to Yeovil and then rivals Plymouth in the battle of the dockyards. The Blues follow with fixtures away at Notts County,  at home to Cambridge then a crunch game at play-off chasing Mansfield. Portsmouth finish off their season against relegation threatened Cheltenham. Like Doncaster, Pompey have a tough run in as well, mostly away from home. They will be expected to pick up the points at home, but things can change so quickly in League Two as we already know. Pompey are looking to extend the gap between them and 4th placed as well and will look for maximum points in their remaining games.




Plymouth Argyle FC. 2nd in the table Plymouth play their next game at home to Accrington Stanley, in which they will be expected to win against the mid table Lancashire side. They follow that with a trip to Crawley Town, not an easy fixture but Argyle will be looking to get as many points as they can to see themselves over the line. Portsmouth is the next game, a huge game for both sides, a potential promotion day for one or both of these sides. Plymouth will play Newport County after that, they will be hugely expected to win a game against a side all but relegated out of League Two, but with nothing to play for, they could cause an upset. Argyle will be back on the road against Colchester Utd, in which they could be promoted by then. They will finish off their season at home to Crewe, followed by a long trip to Grimsby Town. On paper, Plymouth have the easier run in. As I have said, no game is easy but Argyle will be expected to win a majority of their games. Only needing possibly 3 wins to cross the line and get promotion to League 1. Across the three teams, it will be very interesting to see what happens, who will slip up? We shall see.




Doncaster will be looking to return to League 1 at the first time of asking, expected of a team of such quality. For Plymouth, after last season’s disappointment will be looking to get automatic promotion from League 2, with their in depth squad, it looks like it’s finally going to pay off after a few seasons of financial and play-off hurt. Portsmouth will be looking to get automatically promoted after a couple of seasons in League 2, like Argyle, have suffered financially in recent seasons after a great fall from the Premier League. It will be great for Plymouth and Portsmouth to get up the leagues again, with such big, passionate fan bases, it is a shame to see such clubs as low in the football pyramid as they are. Good days are ahead.

Only time will tell, and the football gods.. I hope you enjoy the read, I always enjoy writing about football but it would also be great to hear your thoughts of the run in, team forms and more. Comment below! I will be back with another football blog, when all three automatic promotion spots are sealed. There will also be an in depth blog about the playoffs in League Two, until then, goodbye!


Football Genius

Appreciating Life

A Short and late night post, but hello!

Life is strange, it can be wonderful one minute, then your whole world comes down the next. It’s all about balance, my life has never been and never will be perfect but I take it as it comes and I try to enjoy most of it. After a mental breakdown I started appreciating more things in life, even someone saying you look nice, or they say hello to you. As we all see, life change at any time and not always good. I’ve definitely been close to that myself more than a few times and feel better for it because it woke me up, I cannot stress enough that people should enjoy the little things in life, because one day you won’t be able too. You can’t really predict what happens to someone, it just isn’t possible. There are still times that I feel I don’t want to be part of the world anymore, I can be pretty damn miserable sometimes, depends on moods and depression. I try to keep a smile on my face and try to keep myself happy by enjoying things I like to do, one of them, writing blogs!

I’m very much a ambitious person, I like to get out and about just for the sake of it. I appreciate the littlest of things during the day, the way the sunsets are, the food I prepare, the people I have in my life etc. I know you get these people that are too overly happy, I love them personally and wish I was over confident and happy as they are because let’s face it, life can really hit you in the face and nobody’s happy when that happens. You do see a lot of miserable people all the time, perhaps even the same person all the time and you want to tell them to cheer up but you don’t know what those people are going through. Perhaps if you ever see those unhappy people again, make their day. The littlest things can instantly change people’s moods. I often use the train and especially early morning trains where people are tired and grumpy because they’ve just woke up, but the ticket man on the train itself is always jolly to everyone because he knows it will improve their day. Nothing beats a “Good morning!” in a jolly tone, it makes my morning a little better. I wish everyone could do it more, maybe we wouldn’t see so many grumpy people. I just want to thank the people who do make people’s day every day by saying or doing the littlest things to improve that person’s day.


Keep smiling.


Hello again, another post this evening. Aren’t you lucky?

We all have love for certain things, people, music, food etc. My biggest love for many reasons, is and always will be football.  From a young age, football was on my brain, whether it was World Cup or Premier League etc. I wanted to go outside and kick a football, on my own or with friends. Football is not just a sport, it’s much more than that. For a lot of people, football is a religion. Over the years I have looked to football to help my mind, nothing beats celebrating your team scoring a goal. My team is Plymouth Argyle, a team currently sitting 2nd in England’s League 2 division, that can all change in the coming weeks and I cannot wait to be celebrating promotion. People say football is just a bunch of overpaid men kicking a bag of air around a bit of grass, of course people will say that. We can also say the same about rugby, although I do like rugby, football has always been the one for me. Again, it’s not about the sport, it’s about your friends, meeting strangers and becoming friends, getting pissed in pubs, away days. As much as I like home games, you cannot, absolutely cannot beat an away day. The early rise of the morning, knowing it’s football day is one of the best feelings you can get as a football fan. Getting to see your mates, travelling up and down the country following and singing your team’s name.


Of course it’s bittersweet when your team come away with a win, it makes the journey home more fun. It’s the match day atmosphere that I love, having a team that takes a great following wherever we go just makes it better. Although football has changed over the years with safe seating stadiums, it doesn’t change the fans attitude to games. I still love the old terraced stadium, mind. I love the original stadiums you get in England such as Luton, Accrington, Crawley and so on. Although there are stadiums that are seated but still have that retro away end look, so many good away days in England. I’ve met some great people whilst following Argyle, most of them have become my friends. Seeing the same old faces at games really does put you in a good mood.  As Bill Shankly once said…



…And he couldn’t be more right. Football is nothing without fans, a lot of clubs know that. Unfortunately in some leagues, you do have to pay a premium which can be quite ridiculous. I’ll still follow my own team whatever the price though, that’s how much it means. Regardless if we get thumped by a few goals, it’s about having the respect for your team. After a few years of sadness surrounding my club, we’re on our way back. Hopefully in the mix of League 1 next season, which will only mean good times ahead for the club financially and for us fans. As a football fan, you see it all, every day is different, every game, every season, every away trip with the boys. It’s all part of the parcel and I wouldn’t change it for the fucking world.


Green Army!

My biggest love.